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Finalists Announced for $1,500 League of Champions Title Match…

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After some number crunching and Excel tutorials, we've determined the 14 teams that will compete in TLO Trivia Night "League of Champions" title match. The match will be held on Saturday, May 3rd at the 51st Speakeasy.

Here's the prize pool:

First Place: $725
Second Place: $400
Third Place: $225
Fourth Place: $150

Yep, those are the cash prizes for the Champions Match. I guess it pays to go to restaurants and answer trivia questions. I'd like to thank all four of our trivia partners – The 51st Street Speakeasy, LOCAL, Yucatan Taco Stand and Buffalo Wild Wings on Expressway – for coming to together and making the League of Champions possible.

Before we get to the finalists, here are a few notes:

• Teams were awarded League of Champions points based upon A) how many trivia nights they attended B) where they placed at each trivia night.

• The League of Champions will be returning later this year. The dates and format – we may make a few changes – should be announced very soon.

• We'll still be giving away nearly $400 each week in cash and prizes at our TLO Trivia Night venues. If you have never played TLO Trivia Night, you should. Unlike the other imitation trivia nights around town, our brand of trivia is pretty fun. In fact, 4 out of 5 OU dental students prefer TLO Trivia Night to other less-interesting trivia nights.

Here are the 14 teams that earned a spot in the big match. Congrats to them all.


1   |   Magic Johnson's Immune System   |   203 points

This team is basically the New York Yankees of TLO Trivia Night. The win a lot, play a lot, have a large payroll and all the other teams hate them. They ran away with the league qualifying period, but that doesn't matter. It's the Champions Match that counts.


2   |   Bergin Hunt & Fish Club   |   130 points

This team name has something to do with the mafia, which is exactly how they act if we screw up a question.


brent skarky news anchor

3   |   Spencer Fitzpatrick and Patrick Fitzspencer: A Gay Irish Love Story   |   116 points

This group of guys generally has three or four players with ponytails and a Brent Skarky.



4   |   Hodor   |   96 points

Watch out for these gentle, inarticulate giants from Norman. The warg on their team is dangerous.



5   |   Tread Lightly and Have an A-1 Day   |   89 points

They're the ones who knock. Seriously, any team that can incorporate two Breaking Bad references in one name should be feared.


Johnny Depp-cowboy

6   |   Johnny Glasses   |   83 points

Johnny Glasses and his gang of misfits was one of the more loyal teams during the League of Champions. Not only did they show up to just about every trivia night, but they write sarcastic, mocking notes about the other teams!



7   |   Larry Bird doesn't need an immune system   |   77 points

This group specializes in drinking heavily, looking for teams using phones, and giving Magic Johnson's Immune System wedgies.


ben franklin

8   |   The Fearless Unitarians   |   76 points

This group of regulars begins each night with a Unitarian prayer, which apparently involves chugging beer.



9   |   3.45 Miles   |   74 points

I'm not sure what 3.45 miles means, but I think it has something to do with Serge Ibaka's penis.


trevor knight girlfriend

10   |   All Knight Long   |   63 points

That seemed like a great team name after Knight's fluky performance in the Sugar Bowl. After watching the OU Spring Game, they might want to change names for the next go around.



11   |   Pistols Backfiring   |   57 points

Fun Fact: Pistols Backfiring is also the working title of Travis Ford's autobiography.



12   |   Hootie and the Blowjobs   |   48 points

Thanks to this team name, we should start getting some really interesting search engine traffic.



13   |   Book Hockey   |   44 points

I googled Book Hockey to see what it means, and it's not as bad as it sounds.


nerdy girls tweet

14   |   OK Nerdy Girls   |   33 points

After a late push, the nerdy girls snuck into the last spot.  They are masters of questions about the Dewey Decimal System.


If one of the teams above can not make the final match, these are the two alternates:

15   |   Elephant's Gerald   |   26 points
16   |   Spawn of Trabek   |   13 points


Thanks again to all the teams that come out and play trivia and give us some beer money. We appreciate it. Also, thanks again to venues that let us come out and do this. It's a lot of fun.

As I mentioned, we're going to make a few tweaks to the format and should have details on the new league in a couple of weeks or so.

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