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Introducing the $200 TLO Weather Dong Contest!!!

damon lane weather dong

It's spring in Oklahoma. That means several months of beautiful days ruined by awful wind, state maps in the corner of your screen, allergies, bedazzled weather ties, insurance adjusters, Thunder playoffs, Val Caster, The Arts Festival, and of course, weather dongs.

To celebrate this occasion, we're launching our first ever TLO Weather Dong Contest presented by Patricia's! Yep, Patricia's. Here's how it works:

From today through June 15, if you spot a weather dong on an Oklahoma TV channel, simply snap a pic or screenshot and email it to us. When you do, include the date, time, and channel the weather dong appeared. In June, we'll gather up our favorite weather dongs and let TLO readers vote for the best. The person who wins will get $200, and the other finalists will get gift cards to Patricia's.

But wait. There's more!

To add an extra layer of intrigue, and perhaps encourage the creation of more vibrant and impressive weather dongs for everyone's enjoyment, we're also going to give $100 to the local TV personality (if applicable) that appears in the photo. For example, let's say Janet Barresi submitted that pic of Damon Lane above and won the contest. Barresi would get $200 and Damon Lane would get $100. Pretty cool, huh?

If all this talk is making a weather dong grow on your own personal doppler radar, I don't blame you. After the jump, I've included some weather dong examples and other rules:

severe weather forecast dong

Although it's preferred, weather dongs do not need to extend from a person. They can also grow magically from a map.


damon lane weather dong

That's the same image that we used above, and one that would probably win a weather dong contest. Unfortunately, it rose to early.


emily sutton weather dong

We should probably give bonus points to an Emily Sutton, Lacey Swope or even Danielle Dozier weather dong.


rick mitchell weather dong

I requested the blowing dust!


gary england weather dong

If you look at a Gary England weather dong for too long, hair will grow on your palms.


taft price weather dong
KWTV9 Matt Mahler Weather Dong

Hurricanes and tropical storms make some of the best dongs. If this contest totally fails and we don't get any good submissions, we may have to extend (pardon the pun) this thing to the fall.


thermometer dong

Okay, technically that last one isn't a weather dong, but it's still pretty damn funny.

Here's a recap of the rules, along with a Q&A:

Duration: April 10, 2014 - June 15 (weather dongs must appear during this time frame)

Prize: $200 Grand Prize; $50 Patricia's Gift Cards to the finalists; $100 to meteorologist pictured in photo

How to submit: Email weather dong along with your name, and the date, time, and channel the weather dong appearedto, or use this handy form.


What happens if you receive multiple submissions of the same dong? Isn't that the most absurd question you've ever seen start of a FAQ? If people send us the same dong, we'll include the highest quality screen shot. If they are the same (or close the same), we'll use the one that was sent first.

How many photos make the finals? We're not sure. We've never done this before, so we don't know how many weather dong photos to expect.

Does KOKH Fox 25 count as an Oklahoma TV station? Yes. Please remember, we are only accepting weather dongs that originated in Oklahoma.

Anything else? All other contest rules apply. You have to be 18 to enter. Have fun dong hunting.

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