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This blogger from Ada is tired of pale white girl discrimination…

8:30 AM EDT on April 4, 2014

how to catch a white girl

Last week, an Ogle Mole sent me a link to an obscure local social blog from Ada. It's called "Keeping Up with the Nuefelds," and its semi-anonymous author, who we'll call Discriminated White Girl, is one of the country's leading caucasian women's rights advocates.

If you need a little proof, check out this stirring blog post titled "Rantings of a White Girl," where Discriminated White Girl explains what it's like to never be asked to move to the back of the bus.

The purpose of me writing this is not to offend anyone this is just my thought for the day so I really hope that you don’t get offended and that you just read what I have to say and think about it.

I’m at a diversity training for my work and a lot of the people in my class make it sound like being white is one of the best things that you can be in America & that white people are NEVER discriminated against. I have a few thoughts on that….

First off, being white isn’t as cool as people make it sound. As a white female from Oklahoma, summer is actually one of my least favorite seasons because I’m white. Whenever I say that I’m white I mean that I’m white like as in ghostly white. Almost every day I get made fun of about how white I am & people even say things like “if you were tanner you would be prettier” or “if you would tan your white legs would be so distracting”.

Yes, being white is not nearly as cool as country music makes it sound. All the white stereotypes you hear about – Whole Foods, NASCAR, higher wages – are totally overrated.

Let's continue:

They say lots of hurtful things to me on a daily basis just because of my skin color. I mean, I’m not as pretty because I’m white?! I can’t change the color of my skin & it hurts me that people don’t accept me the way I am. people tell me that if I went tanning in tanning beds or get spray tans that I would look better and be prettier, this really hurts my feelings especially because I don’t want to have to lay in a tanning bed with the possibility of getting cancer or breathing in harmful chemicals that spray tans have in them. Some people may think my feelings are stupid but they haven’t walked in my shoes!

Don't tan, Discriminated White Girl! That's the opposite of what Michael Jackson did, and look how he turned out. Also, you may want to start looking for new friends. Preferably ones that don't pick on your insecurities like you're a chubby kid at recess. Otherwise, you may need to grow some thicker, whiter skin.

As a white person I don’t even really fit in with other white people because in Oklahoma most people have Native American heritage which gives them a little color.

I also live in Ada, Oklahoma which is the Chickasaw nation headquarters! I’ve been passed over for several jobs with people who have only a high school diploma whenever I have a masters degree just because I don’t have Native American blood. don’t get me wrong, they can hire whoever they want and they have every right to do so but it does kind of suck to be a white person in this area because I do not get the jobs, benefits or job opportunities that Native Americans do.

Poor little Discriminated White Girl. Not only can she not get jobs because of her skin color, but she can't "fit in" with anyone because she's not Native American. Isn't that just awful? It's so sad that we live in a country where you're expected to "fit in" with people who don't have the same ancestral background. What are we turning into? A diverse, functional society?

Also, where exactly did Discriminated White Girl get her Master's Degree, because I totally want to go there. As you know, I also struggle with punctuation, capitalization and general sentence structure, and could really use an advanced degree that's easy to get. Perhaps something in business, that way, I can use my whiteness to my advantage.

I just think that people shouldn’t focus so much on what their race goes through and be more open to see that other races go through things as well. Don’t get me wrong, I know that other races have been through and still go through way worse things than I do every single day but at the same time people do need to realize that just because I’m a white person doesn’t mean that I have all the opportunities that they do and that I have a perfect life because I don’t.

I agree. Minorities need to be more aware of the struggles that white girls face in southern Oklahoma. Have you ever been turned down for a job simply because you would not spray tan?

I want to fit in just as much as anyone else, even in my own race I feel like an outsider.

Yes, she's an outsider. If you don't believe it, check out this photo. She sticks out like a bad French fry:


Okay, so maybe Discriminated White Girl doesn't stick out that much. She's actually the pale girl. And no, not the pale red-head. The other pale one. Well, none of them are really that pale. She's to the left of the bride, flashing what I believe is the white girl cultural sign for "pride," "inability to differentiate bullying from discrimination" or "total ignorance about institutionalized racism"

Back to her blog:

I feel like I can relate to people at least in that aspect and again I know that it’s not as bad as what you might think that getting made fun of every day and being told that I could be prettier and more attractive if I would make my skin darker. It just seems crazy to me especially whenever people are being discriminated against because of how dark their skin is.

Open your eyes people and see that God made us how he intended us to be he didn’t make one race any better than the other, he didn’t make any gender better than the other, and he didn’t make any sexual preference better than the other. God made us all to be who we are.

So when you think the world’s against you please look to the person on your left or your right and realize that they might be going through something just as bad as you are.

According to my Uncle from Watonga, God made heterosexual white Republican men who own guns above all other races.

As a white person I don’t even feel like I can be proud that I’m white in the United States because I feel like it would make someone else upset that I was proud of my heritage. especially in America where everyone feels that white people only did bad things such as take the land and kill Indians or enslave black people or Chinese people. I never see commercials where someone lists all the great things that they do and then proudly state that they are white. if that happened I feel like everyone would get offended and that commercial would probably be taken off immediately.

She has a point. As a white person, it sucks that I can't be proud of my white heritage. The first thing kids learn in history books are all the awful things that white people like The Pilgrims, John Smith, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Lewis and Clark, James Madison, Abraham Lincoln, Patrick Henry, Thomas Edison, John D. Rockefeller, Woodrow Wilson, Robert E. Lee, Davy Crockett, Henry Ford, Alexander Bell, Eli Whitney, Paul Revere, Walt Whitman, Paul Bunyan, Andrew Carnegie, Mark Twain, the Baldwin brothers and Eminem have done to America. They need to create a "White History Month" to increase awareness of those proud symbols of white American culture.

There's only a few paragraphs left from her amazing blog post.

I’m extremely jealous of other cultures and other races that have wonderful colorful histories that they can celebrate and be open in celebrating. I don’t feel as a white person that I can connect to or really celebrate anything besides national holidays that everyone else celebrates as well. I mean no one goes around saying “oh it’s so great to be a white person” and “I’m so glad that I come from White history full of bold beautiful great white people”. if I did that I really feel like someone would slit my tires or possibly even beat me up after work.

I wish we lived in a nation where everyone can be proud of who they are and where they come from and I also wish that nothing bad ever happened to anyone but if you look back in the past everyone has been discriminated against at one time or another. whether you be black, Hispanic, Italian, Asian, gay,lesbian, male, female-everyone has been discriminated against!

I’m have even seen where certain races discriminate against their own race. when will this stop? I mean if you can’t even trust your own race to have your back who will?

What an excellent way to tie up her post. If you can’t even trust your own race to have your back, who will? We obviously can't trust other races. In fact, we can't even trust women with crazy eyebrows.

From a blog post titled "Eyebrows" that DWG wrote a couple days later:

So I don’t have beautiful eyebrows but I also don’t have ugly ones. My eyebrows are pretty normal. I understand that people need to shape their eyebrows & pluck them & even wax them……BUT…. What I don’t understand is completely shaving them off & drawing in crazy ones. Lately I’ve seen so many YOUNGER people doing this. Is this a new fashion trend I’m not aware of? I mean were they really THAT bad? And if they were that bad then draw them in normal please! It scares me when I see these crazy eyebrows! Lol

Okay. You may find it kind of hypocritical that a white girl who vented about being the target of racial bullying and discrimination in a lengthy blog post turns around and makes fun of the eyebrow grooming techniques of people who are different from her, but that wouldn't be fair. Remember these two important things:

1. She's white.

2. The girls with weird eyebrows are probably Mexican.

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