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Ogle Madness VII Elite 8: (7) BJ Wexler vs. (13) Dino Lalli

It's the dream match-up we've all been waiting for! We have the man who brings us the old movies versus the journalists who interviewed celebrities in the new ones during the 80s and 90s. One guy is obsessed with the Gremlin's theme, while the other simply wants to help you "discover" little known places and people in Oklahoma.

Here's your North Regional Final:

(7) BJ Wexler vs. (13) Dino Lalli

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bj wexler

(7) BJ Wexler

Conference: OETA Stars

Who He Is: Host of the OETA Movie Club

Biggest Strength: Providing insightful commentary about old movies that you can read on Wikipedia.

Biggest Weakness: Popcorn.

Last Game: Defeated (4) Tall Paul 468-240


dino lalli

Conference: Guys who once had perms

Who He Is: Host of the Discover Oklahoma

Biggest Strength: Longevity.

Biggest Weakness: Still kind of looks like Borat.

Last Game: Defeated (10) Gwen Faulkner Lippert 330-312



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