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Don’t worry, that OKC attorney claims he did not go to Peru to have sex with underage girls…

Michael Billings Robert Pierce

Back in October, we told you that Oklahoma attorney Michael Billings and his bail bondsman buddy Robert Pierce were being investigated by Peruvian officials and the FBI for allegedly participating in a child sex tourism ring in the Amazon rainforest town of Iquitos.

The accusations were pretty disgusting, but to make things weirder, this sensational 2007 article from the The Iquitos surfaced online claiming the accused – along with some other dude and famed Oklahoma City attorney David Slane – once rescued Peruvian villagers from large snakes and flash floods.

Well, Oklahoman company man and creepy old guy at Wal-Mart impersonator Nolan Clay recently scored an interview with Michael Billings. In a Sandusky'esque interview, Billings claims the whole thing is just a misunderstanding caused by a lying friend.


An Oklahoma City attorney denies having sex with children, and he claims the FBI is investigating his trips to Peru because of a former friend’s lies.

“No, never, none of us did,” attorney Michael Dean Billings said of the child sex allegations. “We wouldn’t have done that for anything.”...

The inquiry came to light last October when an FBI special agent asked an Oklahoma City federal judge for permission to search the bail bondsman’s laptop computer, cellphones and camera.

Both men were detained by Peruvian authorities last September, after the bail bondsman took a 13-year-old girl and a 17-year-old girl to his hotel room, FBI agent Scott Lobb reported in a court affidavit.

In Pierce’s room, authorities found 22 condoms, Viagra tablets, four large bags of candy, 26 U.S. $100 bills, gift books and extra small Victoria’s Secret female undergarments, according to the affidavit...

Four large bags of candy? Did they leave out the part about the giant van and lost dog? How do you explain all that?

In the interview, Billings gave explanations to counter most of what the FBI is alleging.

He said, for instance, the 13-year-old girl found in Pierce’s hotel room is the daughter of Pierce’s former fiance. He said Pierce still is close to the girl and was going to take her and her friend out to eat.

He said the very small female undergarments found in Pierce’s room were for a tiny woman, not a girl. About the condoms, he said of Pierce, “He’s a single guy. He does what a single guy would do.”

Yeah, he's just a single guy doing what single men do... which is apparently leaving the country to have sex with tiny women and not underaged girls. I must have missed that article in Maxim.

Anyway, the entire article is pretty long and comprehensive and provides some new leads on the case, including that Pierce is planning a return trip to Peru, is connected to a shady 10th street strip club, and has sent $3,850 to girls since the investigation took place. You know, the typical stuff law abiding citizens do. You can read it all here.

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