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Ogle Madness VII: First Round, West (Lower Bracket)

This concludes the first round of Ogle Madness VII. Right now, you should be watching basketball and getting annoyed by the same damn State Farm commercial and the boring Master's promo where Jim Nantz says a "There it is, a win for the ages!"

(6) Real Miss Oklahoma vs. (11) Emily Sutton's Serious Fireman Boyfriend

(3) Abigail Ogle vs. (14) Derplahomans

(7) Wendy Suares vs. (10) Earthquakes

(2) Kristin Chenoweth vs. (15) Real Housewives of OKC


(6) Real Miss Oklahoma vs. (11) Emily Sutton's Serious Fireman Boyfriend

Kelsey Griswold 1

(6) Real Miss Oklahoma

Conference: REAL Miss Oklahomas

Who She Is: The Actual Miss Oklahoma

Biggest Strength: Isn't a Fake Miss Oklahoma

Biggest Weakness: Isn't Our Girlfriend


emily sutton's serious boyfriend

(11) Emily Sutton’s Serious Fireman Boyfriend

Conference: People who are better than you

Who He Is: Serious boyfriend to Emily Sutton

Biggest Strength: Is a fireman. Pretty sure that covers the “strength” category.

Biggest Weakness: Hates seeing things on fire. Hates it.



(3) Abigail Ogle vs. (14) Derplahomans

abigail ogle twitter

(3) Abigail Ogle

Conference: Mighty Ogles

Who She Is: Sports Something or Other on KSBI KOCO 5

Biggest Strength: Her last name

Biggest Weakness: Buying Twitter followers


fallin lankford kern

(14) Derplahomans

Conference: People Who Make Oklahoma Look Bad

Who They Are: People Who are Unaware of any channel beyond FOX News

Biggest Strength: Giving Oklahoma a bad name

Biggest Weakness: Intelligence



(7) Wendy Suarez vs. (10) Earthquakes

wendy suarez 8

(7) Wendy Suares

Conference: Super Cute News Vixens

Who She Is: KOKH FOX 25 Anchor

Biggest Strength: Perfect Face

Biggest Weakness:  Works at FOX 25



(10) Earthquakes

Conference: Natural Disasters

What It Is: Thing we're more scared of than tornadoes.

Biggest Strength: Is The Planet Readjusting?

Biggest Weakness: Not strong enough to topple egos



(2) Kristin Chenoweth vs. (15) Real Housewives of OKC


(2) Kristin Chenoweth

Conference: Sexy Pixies

Who She Is: Famous Actress

Biggest Strength: Tiny body, big voice

Biggest Weakness:  Can't get that thing off the top of the fridge.


(15) Real Housewives of OKC

Conference: TV Shows that were probably scams

What It Is: Dumbest thing ever

Biggest Strength: Giving  housewive's with the same last names as area lakes some hope

Biggest Weakness: Wasn't real (insert Nichols Hills housewife joke about boobs, noses and lips here)


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