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This guy could be the life of your next Scentsy party…

Delbert Dewayne Galbreath

The guy pictured above is Delbert Dewayne Galbreath. He was recently busted by cops for trying to pass off 16 pieces of Scentsy as crack cocaine.

From KOCO:

Oklahoma County deputies arrested a man after they found fake crack cocaine in his possession.

Deputies said they stopped Delbert Dewayne Galbreath at NW 10th Street and Interstate 44 for a broken brake light. The deputy said Galbreath admitted he did not have a license to drive. Two deputies asked to search his car and he agreed.

A deputy found a cigarette pouch that had 16 pieces of a rock-like form, which authorities generally associate as crack cocaine. The deputies said they also found a digital scale.

Authorities tested the rocks and said they did not contain cocaine. When they asked Galbreath what the rocks were, he said they were Scentsy.

Galbreath was arrested on suspicion of possession with intent to distribute imitation controlled dangerous substance (CDS), possession of drug paraphernalia, driving under a revoked license and defective equipment.

Okay, there's something fishy going on here. Obviously, the crack addict is going to know something weird is happening when their fix smells like Autumn Sunset and gives them a massive headache.

Possible explanations include:

1. He's a black market Scentsy dealer. That's how annoying Scentsy sales people are. Nothing's worse than walking into some lady's office at work and seeing a stack of Scentsy catalogs on her desk. If that happens, expect to be late to your next meeting.

2. He's so ashamed that he likes Scentsy that he passes it off as crack. If so, I totally relate with this guy. I love the Midsummer's Night Yankee Candle so much that I'd smoke it like crack, but I'd rather buy tampons, panties and elf condoms than venture into the Yankee Candle store to get one. Seriously, that place is like the Ellen / View of mall stores. It zaps you of masculinity. The mens bathroom even requires that you pee sitting down... or so I've heard.

Regardless of the reasoning, the real story here is the cops arrested the guy for possessing Scentsy as crack cocaine. That's against the law? If so, I would like to go on record and state that all my Facebook friends who sell Scentsy crush it up like crack cocaine before selling it. The police should arrest them immediately... or at least tell them to stop inviting me to those damn parties. One girl, her name may be Chelsea, even said I could shoot it up like heroin. The only difference is that instead of burning it in a spoon, you put it over an electric warmer. It's more efficient or something.

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