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Analysis: Local Media Coverage of Woman Who Hid PCP in Her…

kendra thomas PCP vagina

It's happened... again.

First it was a gun, then it was meth, and now its six vials of PCP. Yes, Oklahoma women are getting pretty good – or bad, considering how often they are caught – at hiding things in their vaginas on the way to jail.

In case you missed it, Kendra Thomas (pictured above) of Del City was pulled over and arrested on DUI charges in Edmond late Saturday night. When authorities brought her to the jail, they discovered six vials of PCP tucked away in her vagina. Yes, six vials. Even Jesse Jane thinks that's a lot.

By the way, she had her four-year-old daughter in the car with her.

Obviously, this juicy story got the attention of local media. Since we used up most of our contraband-in-vagina jokes on the gun story from last year, I thought we'd analyze how the local media treated / covered the story.

First of all, and KOCO Channel 5 decided to class things up and not cover it. At least I think they didn't. I couldn't find any mention of Kendra, PCP or vaginas on their websites. If they avoided the way too easy to write about topic, good for them. Unlike other outlets, us included, they're not blatantly fishing for easy page views.

With those two eliminated, we have:

• KWTV Channel 9
• KFOR Channel 4
• KOKH Fox 25

Out of those three, News 9 took the highest road when reporting this news. They totally avoided the PCP in vagina topic, and instead focused on a mom getting a DUI with her kid in the car:

Screen Shot 2014-03-18 at 12.31.05 AM

Yep, just your old regular "DUI, Bringing Contraband to Jail" story. At the end of the piece, they casually drop in the PCP in vagina reference like they're doctors who are used to this stuff or something:

news 9 lede

Wow, they buried the lede so much that I had to use the old school spelling of lede.

Obviously, KFOR didn't bury the lead (is that better?), but covered the story like they were talking to a six-year-old child:

kfor pcp

Private parts? Personal location? At least they didn't get out a doll and show us where she hid the PCP.

KFOR also bragged about other stories they broke regarding women hiding things in vaginas:

kfor vagina

KFOR: Your news leader for vagina contraband.

KOKH Fox 25 went all out vagina on their coverage. Considering they don't want their viewers to know where the human race came from, that's ironic. Check out their Facebook page:

kokh facebook page

74 likes and 53 comments? I guess that's cool. I wonder what the KOKH followers had to say?

kelly roberts facebook

Is there a genius out there who can design an app that can filter racists comments from Facebook pages? I can't use it because I have to read these things and write about them, but I'm sure everyone else will enjoy it.

There was one other outlet that covered the story. They did it with class:

screenshot 2

Hey, we're just covering the media that covers objects in vaginas. We're actually very classy.

Anyway, I guess that's it for this local media review. I hope you enjoyed it. At the rate women are caught hiding contraband in there vaginas, stories like this may no longer be news. I'm not sure if that's good or bad.

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