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Ogle Madness VII: Play-In Game 3 & 4


That's Lauren Richardson. Remember her? She was the champion of our first Ogle Madness. That's incredibly dated and weird and makes me want to go to Braum's and have an ice cream cone.

This is the part where I tell you there's still time to enter our bracket challenge. Email your pick to win it all to If you select the winner, you may win a dinner for eight to LOCAL.

Here are the match-ups for our second batch of play-in games:

Game 3: Reuters Reporters vs. Aubrey McClendon (Winner faces Sweet Brown on Wednesday)

Game 4: Zero vs. Emily Sutton's Serious Fireman Boyfriend (Winner faces Real Miss Oklahoma on Friday)

Vote after the jump:

Play-In Game 3: Reuters Reporters vs. Aubrey McClendon

By the way, this match-up is so 2012/2013, but it gives us a chance to A) make fun of Aubrey McClendon and B) give props to the reporting team at Reuters, which probably irritates Aubrey McClendon.


Reuters Reporters

Conference: Intrepid Human Beings

Who They Are: Reporters. Like, actual reporters.

Biggest Strength: Covering (and exposing) Oklahoma based businesses.

Biggest Weaknesses: Probably not ever gonna get asked to sit in Aubrey McClendon's seats at a Thunder game.



Aubrey McClendon

Conference: People who have (or had) more money than you and everyone you know or have ever met.

Who He Is: CEO of Chesapeake Energy American Energy Partners

Biggest Strengths: Relatives.

Biggest Weaknesses: Staying with the company he founded.



Play-In Game 3: Zero vs. Emily Sutton's Serious Fireman Boyfriend



Conference: Scary White Rappers

Who He Is: Rapper/ Tattoo Aficionado

Biggest Strengths: Never forgetting his area code.

Biggest Weakness: Those guns just shoot out a flag that says "BANG" on it.


emily sutton's serious boyfriend

Emily Sutton's Serious Fireman Boyfriend

Conference: People who are better than you

Who He Is: Boyfriend to Emily Sutton

Biggest Strengths: Is a fireman. Pretty sure that covers the "strength" category.

Biggest Weakness: Hates seeing things on fire. Hates it.


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