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Ogle Madness VII: Play-In Game 1 & 2

8:00 AM EDT on March 13, 2014

Ogle Madness VII gets started today with our first two play in games. In case you missed it, here's a little JPG of the graphic. It will expand into a big PDF when you click it.

Ogle Madness VII Bracket

The winners of these two match-ups will be make the 64 person field and then promptly be defeated:

Play-In Game 1: Janet Barressi vs. Sally Kern (Winner faces off against Emily Sutton on Monday)

Play-In Game 2: Baphomet vs. Ryan Tate (Winner faces off against Kevin Durant on Tuesday)

The other two play-in games will post at noon, so download the bracket, and set your alarm. By the way, you can still email your pick to win it all to You can win a dinner for eight to LOCAL. I've learned the girls really like LOCAL, so if you are a girl or want to impress girls, this is a great prize.

Vote after the jump:


Play-In Game 1: Sally Kern vs. Janet Barresi

janet baressi

Janet Barresi

Conference: Overpaid People Given Charge Over Your Children's Well Being

Who She Is: State Superintendent of Public Instruction

Biggest Strengths: Pissing off everyone.

Biggest Weakness: Editing.


sally kern is bonnafide

Sally Kern

Conference: People who Give Oklahoma a REALLY bad Name

Who She Is: OK State Representative for house District 84/ Defacto Leader of Homphobes Everywhere (Non-Michelle Bachmann Conference)

Biggest Strength: Broom racing.

Biggest Weakness: Introducing legislation that doesn't make us laugh or cry.



Play-In Game 2: Baphomet vs. Ryan Tate



Conference: Terrifying Goat Headed Lords of Darkness

Who It Is: Satanic Idol That Might get a Statue at the State Capitol

Biggest Strengths: Has a goat head and is probably a God.

Biggest Weakness: Second most popular Juggalo tattoo.


ryan tate fox news

Ryan Tate

Conference: Bad Bosses

Who He Is: Tate Publishing CEO / FOX News Contributor

Biggest Strengths: Outsourcing jobs to the Philippines.

Biggest Weaknesses: Horrible at knowing how phones work. Horrible.



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