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Here’s your Ogle Madness VII Bracket!

11:49 AM EDT on March 12, 2014

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Let the madness begin!

For the 7th year in a row, we are proud to bring you Ogle Madness – Oklahoma's premier 68 person, place, and thing "celebrity" tournament.

If you're new to the show, this is how Ogle Madness works:

• We take 68 notable (and not so notable) Oklahoma celebrities and place them in an NCAA Tournament style tournament.

• Each day, we post match-ups on the site. Readers then vote for their favorite. The person / place / thing with the most votes advances. The loser is eliminated and is forced to go to Mazzio's with Regular Jim Traber or read a Jenni Carlson column one one-sentence paragraph at a time.

• At the end of the day, we crown a champion. Last year, Emily Sutton rolled through the field like debarker for her 2nd consecutive Ogle Madness championship. Can she possibly three-peat?

Anyway, the fun gets started tomorrow with our four play-in games. Check out this year's bracket (and the prize for our bracket challenge) after the jump:

Ogle Madness VII Bracket

(Small, huh? Click on the graphic to open a PDF of the bracket.)

Here are some notes:

- We're still having our bracket tournament challenge. This year, our friends at LOCAL will provide a three-course meal for eight to the winner! To enter, email us your pick to win Ogle Madness VII to by 11:59pm Sunday, March 16th. At the end of Ogle Madness, we will take all the correct picks and enter them into a drawing. If some cinderella takes over and no one picks the correct winner, everyone will be entered into the drawing.

- This year's 1-seeds are Emily Sutton, Kevin Durant, Gary England and Joleen Chaney. You may not think that Gary and Joleen are worthy, but who are we going to replace them with? Plus, we still want them to like us.

- Half of the Ogle Madness VII field are Ogle Madness virgins.

- Here's the list of champions from our other Ogle Madness tournaments:

Ogle Madness VI: Champion – Emily Sutton; Runner Up – Joleen Chaney
Ogle Madness V:
 Champion – Emily Sutton; Runner Up – Good Russell Westbrook
Ogle Madness IV: Champion –  Kevin Durant; Runner Up – Joleen Chaney
Ogle Madness III: Champion – Kevin Durant; Runner Up – Kristin Chenoweth
Ogle Madness II: Champion – Kristin Chenoweth; Runner Up – Carrie Underwood
Ogle Madness I: Champion – Lauren Richardson; Runner Up – Amy Mcree

- Who's going to win it? Obviously, Emily Sutton is the heavy favorite to three-peat, but I wouldn't be surprised if she's upset this year. KD's having a string MVP type season, and don't count out any of the 2-seeds. The Madness is strong with them.

Anyway, this year's tournament should be a blast. Thanks again to Local for the cool prize.

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