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8 Reasons to Vote for Ed Shadid today…

Oklahoma City will choose a mayor today. Well, kind of. We'll be lucky to have over 30,000 voters, so it's more like a few people around town will choose a mayor today. As a voter, that works for me.

Hey, that's what I wrote in the 8 reasons to vote for Mayor Cornett! See what we're doing here?We're giving you 8 reasons to vote for each candidate. Here are the ones for Councilman Shadid:

chesapeake arena

1. You hated every MAPS project

Believe it or not, these people exist. I know because I'm related to a couple of them. Anyway, if you hated the other MAPS projects, you should vote for Ed because he changed his mind and now wants to defund the MAPS III Convention Center.


2. You really like neighborhoods

Even though he lives in Founders Tower, Ed loves neighborhoods. As Mayor, he'd probably start an effort to make a Maps 4 Hoods. It would make sense. The first maps was for downtown, the second was for schools and the third was for the Chamber. If we can figure out a way for it to benefit wealthy landowners, it should pass easily.

P.s. - Wasn't it fun to watch Mayor Cornett try to brand himself as the "neighborhood mayor" over the past couple of months? That was cute.


occupy okc sign holder

3. You participated in the Occupy Wall Street Movement

No lie, I think I've seen that guy or his doppelganger at every Ed Shadid campaign rally.

When I think of Occupy Wall Street, I think of anti-establishment. That's basically the type campaign Shadid is running. He's not part of the traditional OKC power structure. If you dislike the same people being in power (a.k.a. the man or the machine or Larry Nichols), you should probably vote for Ed.


4. You think burning the flag is cool and fun

Have you seen that clip above? It's from what Mayor Cornett commonly calls his "chubbier, more Derplahoman days."



5. You publish a website called

The Red Dirt Report loves a lot of things (conspiracy theories, cover ups, Louis Fowler), but the site's fascination and fondness for all things Ed Shadid is pretty special. If you publish the site, or even read it, you should vote for Ed Shadid today.



6. You have a nice well manicured lawn

Is it just me, or does every house that has an Ed Shadid yard sign look like it's owned and maintained by a nice gay couple? I'm not saying all gay people are neat or clean freaks or have nice lawns, but the ones with Ed Shadid signs in their yard sure are. Hell, I thought about putting an Ed Shadid sign in front of Ogle Manor with the hope that his volunteers would do some landscaping and clean up for free. They didn't. They put up a Mick Cornett sign instead.


ed shadid dinosaur girls

7. You're ready to focus on new challenges

Oklahoma City had an image problem in the late 1980s and early 1990s, so our city's leaders rallied together and came up with a plan to address it. 25 years later, and no one can argue with their success. I think the question now is when do we change our focus and direction? There are a lot of "Big League City" challenges this city is facing, and our national perception and ability to recruit businesses is no longer at the top of the list. There are different issues that eventually need to be addressed. Ed Shadid wants to address them now. Mayor Cornett wants to keep on riding the Renaissance wave that we're enjoying. That's what this election is about and why it's so important.



8. He advertises on The Lost Ogle

This is probably the most important reason to vote for Ed Shadid today. Not only does he want to get OKC on the right track and improve neighborhoods, but he's also made us rich! Vote Councilman Shadid!

(Editor's Note: Click here to view "8 Reasons to Vote for Mick Cornett.")

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