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Mary Fallin bought new shoes…

fallin open toe shoes governors association 2

Back in December of 2012, we gave Governor Mary Fallin a hard time when she stumbled out of a National Governors Association conference with President Obama wearing black tights with open toed shoes.

Here's what we had to say about the apparent fashion no-no:

Yikes, who knew Gov. Fallen had such an avant-garde fashion sensibility when it came to women's hosiery! That's like the male equivalent of wearing a brown belt with black shoes, only worse, because you're a damn woman and are supposed to know these things! At least a dude can untuck his shirt to cover up the fashion faux pas. The only thing Mary could do is squint like she just walked out of a movie theater.

The National Governors Association had another meeting with the President this week. It looks like Governor Fallin has updated her wardrobe. Check out her new kicks:

mary fallin new shoes

Well, I think that's better. Let's zoom in for a closer look:

band aid shoes

So, uhm, does Mary Fallin wear bandages on her shoes? Or did she accidentally grab the pair of shoes that came with the pilgrim costume she never returned to Party Bazaar? Regardless, it's a weird embellishment.

Anyway, that was the only photo I could find of the Governor's feet. The rest looked like this AP photo:

Mary Fallin, Martin O'Malley, Peter Shumlin, Bobby Jindal,

Seriously, did Mary Fallin do something to piss off the AP's photo editor? That's about as unflattering as the come. It looks like everyone is watching Serge Ibaka ride a bicycle.

Then again, maybe the AP took it easy on the Governor. They could have gone with a low blow like this Getty pic:

mary fallin toasting obama

Yep, that's Mary Fallin, the Republican Governor of Oklahoma, giving a toast to President Obama. There goes her political future. Expect Happy Joe Dorman, the Democrat running for Governor, to use that photo in all of his negative campaign ads.

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