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Fun with Anagrams: Oklahoma City Celebrity Edition

rits mathis

Know what I like about the Mathis Brothers? I get older. They stay the same age. Ha ha. I'll be here all week. Keg party at the Moontower.

A few a weeks ago, one of our Twitter followers randomly sent us a list of anagrams for Mathis Brothers pitchman Rit Mathis. Here's a sampling:

rit mathis

And from this day forward, Rit Mathis shall be known as Shit A Trim... or Shit Arm It... or Shit At Rim. It can't be Shit Ram It. I think that's what they called his uncle at all the underground swingers clubs.

Anyway, I thought we could have some fun with this. I spent way too much time last night putting the names of local celebs through the anagram generator on Here are some of the more interesting ones I found:

mayor cornett real time

Mick Cornett

mick cornett

Oddly enough, those are the same things you hear being yelled from the Ed Shadid Campaign Headquarters whenever the mayor turns down their debate requests.


Adrianna Iwasinski

Adrianna Iwasinski


Just like her stint on Whodunnit?, the results of Adrianna's anagrams were disappointing. The generator was obsessed with the word "Naiad." According to Google, a Naiad was type of nymph who presided over fountains, wells, springs, streams, brooks and other bodies of freshwater. Basically, the generator thinks Adrianna is the Zelda fairy. Kind of accurate, I guess.



Vanity Perkins

vanity perkins

A Striven Pinky is how I'd describe her husband's basketball ability.


sparkle titsworth oklahoma city gas card

Sparkle Titsworth


Technically, Sparkle Titsworth isn't a celebrity. If her name was Tit Sparkle Worths, she would be.


deanblevins boob

Dean Blevins

dean blevins

If you've never heard Al and Dean talk about lesbian vend on the Total Dominance Hour, you're really missing out.


josh cockroft

Josh Cocksworth

josh cockcroft

I went with jorts for Josh because he seems like a guy who wears them. Also, "Jorts for Josh" sounds like the world's saddest charity.



Nadia Comaneci

nadia comaneci

"Cocaine and Aim" is also the slogan of the men's bathroom at Groovy's.


bj wexler

BJ Wexler

bj wexler

If only his name was BJ Sexler.



Deby Snodgrass

deby snodgrass

Ass, Dongs and Bongs... and they're all dry. Had I known there was so much gold in Deby's name, I wouldn't have been so critical of the insane pay raise she received as state tourism director.


Anyway, I guess if you get bored go make your own anagrams here. Send us any good ones.

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