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Another tea party wacko wants to destroy the arts in Oklahoma…

8:30 AM EST on January 30, 2014

josh cockroft

The Derplahomans war against the arts continues.

Last year, we told you about State Rep. Josh Cockroft's (pictured above) failed efforts to destroy the arts in Oklahoma. The Batman fanboy introduced HB1895, that if passed, would have stripped the Oklahoma Arts Council of all public funding and shutdown art programs all the way from Quartz Mountain to Bartlesville. Fortunately, the idiotic bill was so unpopular with Democrats and Republicans that it didn't make it out of committee or get a hearing. Good times, huh? Victory!

Well, let's not get too ahead of ourselves. Not be outdone by Cockroft's idiocy, State Rep. Dan Fisher has introduced a similar bill for the 2014 legislative session.

From the OK Gazette:

Experts warn that funding for the arts in Oklahoma may soon hit a crisis point if proposed cuts are approved. House Bill 2850 is a measure to cut public funding for the Oklahoma Arts Council on what is phrased an “emergency basis.”  The bill lays out a plan to defund the OAC and is cued for consideration when the Oklahoma Legislature convenes Feb. 3. Bill author Rep. Dan Fisher proposes that OAC funding be cut by 25 percent each year until 2018. The bill states, “It is the intent of the Legislature that by the fiscal year ending June 30, 2018, the Oklahoma Arts Council shall not receive appropriations from the Legislature. Fisher did not return requests for comment by deadline.

I don't think you need a Ph.D. in common sense to know this is a bad idea. The Arts Council receives maybe $3- or $4-million a year out of our state's budget, which equates to a dollar or two a year per taxpayer. That money is distributed, along with private donations, to programs all over the state--programs that help stimulate local economies, educate kids (and adults), and contribute to our culture. Even if you're not an "art" person, you can deal with that, right?

Anyway, instead of wasting time constructing a more detailed and thorough argument against an absurd and a ridiculous proposition, let's get to know the legislator who introduced the bill. Once again, his name is Dan Fisher. He's a freshman member of Sally Kern's Derplahoman caucus. He's also a Baptist minister (theocrat), gun nut, libertarian tea partier, and just like Josh Cockroft, enjoys dressing up in strange black costumes.

Here's a pic: dan fisher

So, you're probably wondering why an Oklahoma state representative is dressed like an 18th Century Judge Wapner. Let's get all Doug Llewelyn and tell you. Apparently, Fisher is the leader of a local improv group called "Bringing Back the Black Robed Regiment." And no, other than the improv part, I'm not making that up:

In "Bringing Back the Black Robed Regiment" presentation, Dan, in full period costume, tells the inspiring story of the "patriot pastors" of America's War of Independence. Through a moving multimedia presentation, Dan brings to life their forgotten history and tells of their courageous stand for liberty and truth. He makes the convincing argument that, without a resurgence of biblical patriotism in the pulpit, America cannot survive much longer. Dan, like the Black Robed Regiment of '76, believes it is high time for America's Christian leaders to speak loudly, act boldly and bring Back the Black Robed Regiment.

Go figure, the guy who wants to cut funding for the arts travels around the state performing a one man show.

If you think Bringing Back the Black Robed Regiment sounds weird and scary, check out some snippets from his bio on the website:

Dan has a Passion for communicating God’s truth to this culture of “political correctness” and with America’s increasing “drift” from its founding principles and its Christian roots, he has become even more committed to helping return America to its faith. He is on the boards of Bott Christian Radio Network, Reclaiming America for Christ, and Vision America, a ministry of evangelist Rick Scarborough based in Houston, TX. Dan is also on the leadership team of the OKC Tea Party and is frequent speaker at tea party rallies around the state. He is a published author and has a national speaking ministry.

Yeah, it's a shame America's "political correctness" is causing the country to drift away from its Christian roots. If only we could go back to a simpler, freer time when only white men who owned property could vote. That Christian America would be a great place to live.

Somehow, the guy's bio gets even crazier:

Dan believes that America is facing a crisis today much the same as the one faced by the country in 1776. He says it is time for the preachers of America to respond to God’s call and fully engage in the culture war that is destroying our liberties and will eventually, if not checked, steal away our religious liberty and our opportunity to freely preach the Gospel.

Quick question. Is it too late to introduce a bill that prevents crazy fruitcakes who dress up like 18th century preachers from running for public office? If so, can we make it retroactive? I bet even Mary Fallin rolled her eyes after reading the "America is facing a crisis today much the same as the one faced by the country in 1776" line. At last check, today's Americans are not taxed without representation, ordered to quarter British troops, or forced to work as slave laborers on southern plantations.

Of course, we shouldn't be surprised by the nut job factor on this guy. Fisher was the one who led the fight against the gay Christmas play that was held at the Civic Center back in December. Here are some of his comments from a article:

A state representative from Yukon says a play being staged in Oklahoma City that satirizes biblical stories — employing homosexual relationships and a fair share of nudity in the telling — is a “direct frontal attack” on Christians... “There's a difference between satire and pornography,” Fisher said. “This is pornography.”

I don't know. Three schoolgirls banging some teacher in after school detention seems pretty satirical to me.

Fisher said community standards should govern whether city officials allow OKCTC to produce the play. Oklahoma City is primarily a Christian community and residents live by Christian moral values, the Yukon pastor said. “For some reason it's OK to demean and besmirch the name of Christ and the faith of Christians,” Fisher said.

That "for some reason" would be called the First Amendment to the United States Constitution, Mr. Tea Party. In addition to his quotes, bios and hobbies, one other thing that clues us in to this guy's lunacy are his Facebook posts. I think he stole them from the walls of Little Mike's Hamburgers. Here are two of my favorites:

fisher fb 2

So my choices are to either follow the principles established 2,000 years ago by an all-powerful supernatural being who only reveals himself in cryptic, mysterious ways, or those that are guaranteed to fail? Is there an Option 3 or anything?

fisher fb 1

Considering the 10 Commandments are on the steps of the State Capitol, I guess we're safe for now. Also, what will the patriotic religious zealots do if God shows up and suddenly starts burning the American flag? That would be awkward.


Anyway, I hope you enjoyed our little breakdown of the guy who wants to be all godlike and destroy the arts for Oklahoma. I'm now going to get drunk and watch The Patriot. I could use a little pick me up.

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