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2013 Year in Review: Recap

Considering December isn't over yet, it seems kind of silly to recap posts that were published a few weeks ago. But in case you care, the most popular posts were about a tweet from Dean Blevins, Maggie Stokes departure, Ed Shadid's addictions and Emily Sutton's serious boyfriend that is totally better than you.

Instead of reviewing those posts, I figured we should just recap the entire 2013 year in review thing and share some totally realnumbers for 2013.

Here are those numbers:

20... The amount of people who stumbled across this by searching "Mary Fallin Nude"

250... The amount of people who stumbled across this by searching "Emily Sutton Nude"

513... The amount of comments left by CAP1015, our most active commenter

12,000... Approved comments left on the site

38,000... Number of votes cast for Ogle Madness VI

113,350... Pageviews that our review of Street Outlaws has received, making it the most popular post of 2013.

3,785,000... Total unique visitors to the site in 2013

7,685,000... Total pageviews received in 2013

(By the way, I'm not joking about the nude photos search.)

Anyway, the 2013 Year in Review recap is located after the jump. We link back to each month and highlight the most popular story. If you missed any part of the series, you should check it out. Also, big thanks to comedian Joel Decker for taking on this project. Going back and compiling this stuff is more work than you'd think.

emily sutton catfish

January 2013

Top Story: Here’s an Emily Sutton Bikini Pic


trabes jules

February 2013

Top Story: Jim Traber has quit Twitter, may have been catfished and needs to control his wife…


serge ibaka

March 2013

Top Story: After seeing this photo, we may have to call him “Bulge Ibaka”


April 2013

Top Story: State Rep Dennis Johnson used the word “Jew” as a verb


oklahoma home

May 2013

Top Story: Something About Yesterday


tiffany tatro 1

June 2013

Top Story: The 20 hottest women in OKC news media



July 2013

Top Story: Breaking News: Gary England is leaving News 9


ou sorority girls hines

August 2013

Top Story: About the topless pics of wild topless OU sorority girl pics that made the internet


gary england stephen colbert

September 2013

Top Story: Breaking Down Lord England’s Colbert Report Appearance


bench warmers state fair photo contest

October 2013

Top Story: OKC State Fair Photo Contest Semi-Finals Part 1 & Part 2 and Finals


fallin lankford kern

November 2013

Top Story: It’s official. Mary Fallin is losing her mind.

Published: 11/21/13

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