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This guy from Bartlesville is really good at taking scary mugshots…

11:40 AM EST on December 19, 2013

scary mug shot

The guy pictured above is Derrick Maynard. He's a mentally disturbed alcoholic that has a strange fascination with triangles. When he's not talking to voices, eating goats or trying to steal your soul, he drinks whiskey and then beats and threatens to kill his wife.

From KJRH:

A Bartlesville man faces charges for nearly killing his wife.

It is the fourth time police in Washington County have arrested Derrick Maynard for domestic abuse.

Maynard, 32, is behind bars for domestic abuse and assault charges.

Maynard's wife, Angelia, told 2NEWS she won't bail Derrick out of jail until authorities guarantee he is admitted to a mental hospital...

Bartlesville Police Chief Tom Holland said officers arrested Derrick Monday night.

The police report states Angelia called 911 after Derrick threw an oil heater, then put a pellet rifle up to her head and said, "You deserve to die." Maynard fired the rifle, but it wasn't loaded.

Chief Holland said Maynard's bruises in his mug shot stem from Angelia defending herself and Derrick repeatedly banging his head in the hospital, police car and jail walls.

Chief Holland say Derrick was incoherent, drunk and couldn't stand up when officers arrived 10 p.m. Monday...

Angelia and Derrick met in 2006 at a mental ward. The same place she wants him to go back to.

"We can keep bailing him out all the time. He's just going to get out and drink and blame himself for his mom's death and everything else. We really need to get to the source and get him some help. He needs help. He really does."

Oklahoma court documents show this is the fourth time police have arrested Derrick for domestic abuse dating back to 2002.

In the past, police have also arrested him for assault and battery, assault with a deadly weapon and grand larceny.

Well, that's a sad and depressing story. Instead of making light of mental illness, domestic violence and addiction, let's class up this post and compliment that mug shot instead. That thing is awesome. It may be the scariest / greatest thing to come out of Bartlesville since the Pioneer Woman's lasagna. He looks like an extra from Resident Evil, The Walking Dead or your nightmares.

Anyway, I guess we can add this pic to the inaugural class of the Northeastern Oklahoma Mug Shot Hall of Fame. It's a little side project we've been working on. More than likely, this is the inaugural class:

chubby funster

The Chubby Funster



Darth Tulsan


scary mug shot

Dream Stealer



Jerry Giordano



Mr. Happy



Texas Fan

Sorry. That pic came up while I was searching the archives. Felt like it should be included.


Brenda Skinner tulsa mugshot

Sad Clown Lady


funny tulsa mug shot

Sleepy Lady

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