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Kevin Ogle was not impressed at last night’s Thunder game…


Last night, the Oklahoma City Thunder overcame a 10-point deficit in the final 3 minutes to squeak by the Washington Wizards in overtime. For the most part, all Oklahoma City Thunder fans inside the Peak were captivated by the thrilling victory and comeback. Well, except for KFOR's Kevin Ogle.

Check out this pic a Mole sent me from the final minutes of last night's Thunder game:

kevin ogle OKC thunder game

Before you get mad at Frankenogle for being the world's biggest curmudgeon, please consider a couple of things:

1. The guy is something like 8-feet tall. In case you care, that's three Al Eschbachs. He sticks out in a crowd like the Devon Tower does in our skyline. Maybe he was being considerate and sitting down so that Johnny Old Navy Shorts, the used car salesman behind him, and all the people in Loud City could actually watch the game. That seems like a nice Ogle brother thing to do.

2. He apparently went through two buckets of popcorn. Yeah, no wonder he's sitting down. I think the number one ingredient at the Chesapeake Energy concession stand is food poisoning. Let's hope he didn't eat any "loaded" nachos with the mystery chili. Never get those. If you eat them after midnight, you'll turn into a Gremlin with abdominal pain and cramping.

Anyway, let's go ahead and have a caption contest for this pic. Or maybe we can do a Photoshop Meme, or maybe just a Meme? Beats the hell out of me. Just make sure it's not sad and depressing like Kevin Ogle at a Thunder game.

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