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And the winning photo from our 2013 Oklahoma State Fair Photo Contest is….

This is always anti-climatic.

After a record-breaking run of page views, votes and WTF OMG eye rolls, the winning photo from our 2013 Oklahoma State Fair Photo Contest is...

bench warmers state fair photo contest

Bench Warmers

I’d like to trade places with a bunch of different things in life. A state fair bench is not one of them. That would be awful.

Also, can someone please explain how a person can sit on a bench, have a rod wedged between their ass, and not seem to care or notice? I’m asking for a friend.

"Bench Warmers" was submitted by Bart V. and received 37% of the votes in the finals. I thought "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" would pull off the win, but it shows what I know. Thanks, Bart V., for making us all laugh, cry and / or spend too much trying to figure out if that damn pic was photoshopped. He now wins a $250 feast for him and all his pals at Picasso Cafe in the heart of the Paseo. Broken record alert: Go to Picasso' lunch...and order the Ogle Mole special. I don't know what it is, but I guarantee the server will give you a really strange look.

I asked Bart V. a few questions about the photo. He actually answered them. Check them out or go relive the semi-final (Part 1 / Part 2) round again.

Q: Come on, that's photoshopped right? If so, well done.

A: Who the heck would want to photoshop a random pole into a lady's butt...oh, wait.


Q: What does it feel like to win the State Fair Photo Contest?

A: Honestly, I feel guilty and extremely conflicted.


Q: Would you like to meet the people in the photograph? What would you say to them?

A: Oh, hell no. But, I might anonymously challenge her to a twerk-off.


Q: Do all your friends now find you infinitely cooler?

A: See answer to question two. I didn't really tell anybody.


Q: What was your second-favorite State Fair pic?

A: Too Many Corn Dogs. Did the person who took that photo feel guilty later? Damned Catholic upbringing.


Q: Anything else? Hint: This would be a great time to thank Picasso's.

A:  The lure of the delightful concoctions at Picasso's, coupled with the hypnotic effects of staring at a photo and trying to figure out how someone could not feel a rod up her crack, proved too much to handle and I submitted this photo so others might witness the magnetism (is that what it was, was it magnetic?), of this particular booty. I do think it is interesting to note that when she got up to walk away, the bench stayed put. And her butt wasn't nearly as big as most of the other people around. It is a mystery.


Anyway, I guess this concludes our 2013 Oklahoma State Fair Photo Contest. Thanks to everyone who sent in a pic and helped made this a blast. Until maybe next year, good night.

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