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Apparently pulling a gun on a frat brother is against the rules…

9:30 AM EDT on October 1, 2013

Owen Edward Hossack

The guy pictured above is Owen Hossack. When he's not pretending to be an Alabama dandy, he's a former OSU frat boy. He was recently expelled from school for turning into Pistol Pete during a hazing ritual.


Owen Edward Hossack, 22, is a former member of Alpha Gamma Rho fraternity. On Aug. 16, according to an affidavit, he used a loaded handgun to frighten two pledges at an Alpha Gamma Rho pledge initiation.

According to court records, the pledges were told they were being taken to a bonfire initiation event. During the ride to the bonfire, fraternity upperclassmen allegedly yelled at the pledges to stare at their laps, the affidavit states.

The victims told police Hossack aimed the gun at their heads and asked whether they were willing to take a bullet for their fraternity brothers.

Police say the gun was then discharged, shattering the rear window of the vehicle. No injuries were reported.

That's one thing the students at Rose State never have to worry about. Well, the frat prank part that is. Ending up in the back of car with guns pointed at you is always a real possibility. Just kidding. Rose State has a wonderful and safe campus.

The story continues:

In a statement, OSU said the university began investigating the incident Sept. 6 and reported it to campus police.

During an interview with OSU police Sept. 11, Hossack said the allegations involving the gun were true. He said he fired the weapon at the window, which he believed to be open, to frighten the pledges.

(Editor's Note: I'm pretty sure it fucking worked.)

Hossack, who was a secretary on the Interfraternity Council in 2013, was expelled from the university and Alpha Gamma Rho, OSU said....

Hossack's bail was set at $10,000, which he paid Monday, Payne County Jail officials said.

Both counts are felony charges and are punishable by imprisonment for one to 10 years, according to court documents.

So, the university that embraces the motto "Pistols Firing" frowns upon real pistols being fired. Talk about a double standard. It's totally fine to have a college student dress like a big-headed old west cowboy and fire blanks into a 75-% full football stadium, but shooting bullets past the head of your frat brothers is taking things too far. It doesn't make any sense.

Anyway, instead of wasting her time with "Real Housewives of Oklahoma City" stuff, we should get Annette Colbert-Latham to produce a dating reality show with this guy and the OU Kappa sorority girls. The sorority girls could compete for this guy's undivided love and affection. In the show, they could get drunk, shoot guns, strip naked and act out other fraternity and sorority stereotypes that it turns out may not be stereotypes. Maybe we can get the Make It Snow Girl, Price Fallin or Chelsea to host.

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