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The Oklahoman published an article about “lucid dreaming”

8:30 AM EDT on September 26, 2013

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Do you like that image? I have no clue what it means, but it comes up when you Google "lucid dreaming."

Earlier this week, The Oklahoman published a story about the topic. Apparently, experts in the field have the ability to control and act out their own dreams. They also like mushrooms.

Here's the intro:

Emily Ashley and her boyfriend, Brenton Harris, have been in a long-distance relationship for a little more than a year. She lives in Tulsa, he in Dallas.

Ashley is a professional dreamer — her career centers around helping people understand their dreams and what they reflect about the dreamer's waking life. Ashley attended the School of Metaphysics.

We actually have a name for "professional dreamers" in my family. They're called "the unemployed."

When I read that paragraph about Ashley, I literally had to stop for a second to make sure it wasn't part of some weird satirical piece. It's not. "The State's Most Trusted News" really ran a feature story about professional dreamers from the School of Metaphysics. And just to make things better, they took it seriously. Maybe next week they'll show us some of the best places in town to buy magic healing crystals.

Here are some more details about Ashley's dreams: 

(Ashley) also is a lucid dreamer — she can become conscious within dreams.

“Dreams are messages, a feedback system from our subconscious mind that literally reflects what's going on in our lives,” she said. “Dreams give us a really clean, truthful reflection, similar to looking in a mirror. So it's a read on you and how you face your life day to day.”

Every night, as Ashley and Harris drift off to sleep, each forms a mental picture of a fountain, where they'll meet in dreamland. Their plan is that if, while asleep, one of them finds the fountain, they will call out to the other. So far, they've seen each other several times, but have not been close enough to embrace or look deep into each other's eyes. And they remember seeing each other when they awake.

Ms. Ashley, can I have a nugget of your marijuana please? Also, can you explain this weird reoccurring dream I have where Gary England is giving a weather report while wearing Mike Morgan's bedazzled weather tie? Specifically, my questions are:

1) Am I the only one having the dream?

2) What does it represent?

3) Why is Gary England's head on Emily Sutton's body?

Thanks for your time. If you can email me the answers, I would appreciate it. Sweet dreams.

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