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Linda Cavanaugh interviewed Weird Al Yankovic…

8:30 AM EDT on September 24, 2013

If that headline sounds as terrifying as a three-minute and forty-six second joke about Kurt Cobain mumbling his words, then I got some awful news for you. Linda Cavanaugh, a woman who wouldn't know Amish Paradise from Amish Mafia, interviewed Weird Al Yankovic on Monday. I guess the comedian / songwriter / now-apparently-a-childrens-book author was in town to promote his new book.

The interview was weird and strange and awkward. Basically, it was everything you'd expect it to be. Check it out:

Well, I guess the Connie Chung Center for Celebrities Who Will Never Visit Oklahoma City Again can go ahead and add Weird Al, along with 2 Chainz, as new members.

Seriously, that thing was as awful as a Weird Al album. I wanted to reach through my computer (or communicate telepathically like that lady from Star Trek: The Next Generation) and apologize to Weird Al on behalf of all Oklahomans. Linda didn't know any better. She can't help it.

Here are four observations:

weird al linda cavanaugh happy

1. Linda Cavanaugh seemed genuinely excited to be interviewing Weird Al Yankovic.

Can't we act like we've been here before? This is Weird Al Yankovic. If you went on vacation to LA, and the only celebrity you saw was Weird Al, would you even tell your friends? Probably so, but you'd still try to pass it off like it wasn't a big deal. In fact, you'd make fun of it a little bit, kind of like that time I saw Sinbad at the Burbank airport. Out of all the celebs and Star Search alums out there, I saw Sinbad. Just my luck.



2. She started the interview with a question about a film made 25 years ago in Tulsa.

Apparently this movie was filmed in Tulsa. I guess Weird Al is a greaser and he has to take over a TV station that's run by socs. He's helped by Patrick Swayze, Rob Lowe and Emo Phillips.


linda c werid al

3. She actually read, marked pages, and asked questions about the book.

Remember, it's a children's book.

oklahoma postcard

4. She had to end it with a "I think you'll find Okies are very friendly."

Or mildly annoying like our news anchors.

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