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UCO has built a labyrinth…

10:37 AM EDT on August 27, 2013

Labyrinth movie image Jennifer Connelly

When I graduated from UCO in 2002, the school was transitioning from a simple "commuter" school that your grandparents called Central State into more of a traditional four-year institution that your grandparents still called Central State. The university built new on-campus student apartments, upgraded some athletic facilities and probably did something else that I didn't care about because I was graduating.

As part of that continuing evolution, UCO has now constructed a labyrinth. Yep, you read the right... a labyrinth. Here's a pic:

uco labrynth

Uhm, that's it? Where's the big walls, muppets and Jennifer Connelly when she was too young to show her boobs in movie?

Well, I guess it's not that type of labyrinth. Apparently it's a place where students can get lost in their thoughts and fears while people make fun of them. Here's an unintentionally funny video of students navigating through the labryinth for

Oops, wrong unintentionally funny video. The 1980s sure were a strange decade. Here's the correct video:

Are those UCO students or employees of the Bluth Company? They look like they all attend the Midvale School for the Gifted. I'm sure that's a great recruiting tool for future students.

"Oh, that over there? Those are some of our brightest students navigating their way through the wall-less labyrinth. Want to go check it out?"

Anyway, the labyrinth will be dedicated on September 6th at 2:00pm. If you enjoy watching people walk aimlessly in a circle while staring at the ground, I guess go check it out.

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