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The Tulsa Pooping Tom is apparently not a sex offender…

Kenneth Webster Enlow

That was fast.

Only six weeks after he was caught spying on people from inside a septic tank near a Tulsa lake, Kenneth Webster Enlow, also know by the aliases "Pooping Tom," "The Potty Peeper," and "Totally Sick Fuck," pleaded guilty to peeping charges. He will serve a year (if that) in jail and will not have to register as sex offender.

I'm not joking around. A man who literally hid in a tub full of excrement underneath an outhouse in order to watch women and children use the bathroom will not have to register as a sex offender.

From The Tulsa World:

A man charged with peeping Tom after spying on a woman and her daughter from underneath a park toilet pleaded guilty Thursday.

Kenneth Webster Enlow, 52, pleaded guilty in Tulsa County District Court on to a misdemeanor violation of the peeping Tom statute and was sentenced to one year in jail and a $5,000 fine.

Special Judge Bill Hiddle determined that he won’t be required to register as a sex offender...

Assistant District Attorney Steve Kunzweiler said previously that prosecutors explored the possibility of charging Enlow with a felony but "couldn't make it fit."

By statute, a felony peeping Tom charge involves the use of photographic, electronic or video equipment in a clandestine manner or the publication or distribution of an image obtained from such conduct, and none of those criteria applied in this case.

Remember that scene in Trainspotting when Ewan McGregor jumped in the toilet while trying to find a heroin balloon? Why do I think this guy is going to try that stunt in his jail cell while looking for an escape route?

Even though his sentence is a joke, at least we found a group of laws as screwed up as our state's liquor and alcohol regulations. Seriously, why does it matter if a peeping Tom charge uses a camera or not? It's all the same, right? If anything, we should invoke a "common sense" approach to sentencing peeping Toms. If you're John Belushi and caught spying on an OU Kappa sorority party, then it's a misdemeanor. If you're spotted hiding underneath an outhouse at a lake in Tulsa? Felony.

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