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2013 Worst of OKC: Worst Morning Radio Crew

8:00 AM EDT on August 19, 2013

It's week two of the 2013 Worst of OKC, that wonderful time of the year where you get to vote on the things you like least about our town. Here are the leaders from last week's categories:

In case you missed a day, polls are still open. This week should be fun, too. So much fun. Up first? Worst OKC Morning radio team, because some people out there still listen to morning radio. You know who they are.

I'm bowing out on this one because I'm friends with a lot of people listed. Patrick takes over after the jump:



Ben Allen, 91.7 KOSU

We only included Ben Allen on this list so we can read his tweets complaining about it later this morning. Plus, it will be fun to watch Steve Lackmeyer rush to his defense. Is anyone else concerned about Ben and Steve's budding online bromance? Just like Diane Rehm, it's both harmless and scary.



Magic Man, Magic 104.1FM

If you've ever had your teeth cleaned at 7am, you're aware Magic 104 has a morning show and it is worse than dental work. That's the problem with the Magic Man. He's synonymous with anxiety, pain and giving small children balloons.



Jack & Ron, KISS 98.9FM

If I wanted to give Jack and Ron a great backhanded compliment, I'd call them the Jay Leno of local radio. They're successful, popular and really like cars, but they're also not very funny and should smoke more pot.



Joey & Heather, WILD 104.9

Joey's an awesome dude. No lie, I ran into him about a month ago and he busted out a long "airing of grievances" where he basically called me a pathetic, low-life loser who should be ashamed about my life. And he did all this, mind you, while he was drunk and playing video game golf at Buffalo Wild Wings at 2:00pm on a Friday. I'm not judging though, because spending each morning talking about Justin Bieber and Drake for three hours can be exhausting.



Rick & Brad- 100.5 The KATT

The pic above wasn't photoshopped recently. That's because Rick & Brad haven't been in the same room for years. Rick "works" from his home out-of-state. When he's not laughing at bad jokes, he working on his prequel to "Sam and Janet." It's tentatively called "They Let a Morning DJ Make a Bad Movie." We don't know what Brad's doing. The old hermit probably spends his days listening to old Rick and Brad Theater spots while wishing the old Samurai Saki House was still open.


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