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This guy broke into a house and stole a pizza…

montego logan

Have you ever driven through a nice neighborhood like Heritage Hills or Gallardia and dreamed about what it would be like to live in one of the fancy homes? If so, you're kind of weird. Also, you have a lot in common with Montego Logan (pictured above). The only difference is that he's a burglar who unsuccessfully attempted to turn that dream into a reality.

From KFOR:

A bizarre home break-in lands one man behind bars. Police arrested the suspect Tuesday afternoon in northeast Oklahoma City.

The suspect allegedly committed the crime along with his two young daughters and made no attempt to escape when confronted by the homeowner. In fact, the 35-year-old suspect made himself right at home during the crime, putting a pizza in the oven and sliding into some slippers.

He had to put the frozen pizza in the oven. What an asshole! Nothing is wrong with opening someone's fridge and grabbing a soda or string cheese without asking, but baking a frozen pizza takes things a little too far... especially if it's a DiGiorno. Those things are expensive.

The story gets better:

“It was as if he believed he lived in that house,” said Oklahoma City police MSgt. Gary Knight.

Police say when the real homeowner arrived home she found the door wedged open.

“She backed away and started to call 911 when a man came to the door and asked her to come in. He basically invited her into her own home,” said Knight.

When police arrived to the home, the suspect Montego Logan, remained in a welcoming mood. Police say Logan invited officers inside and claimed he lived in the home before things turned violent.

“When officers asked for proof of him living in the house, he became combative and ultimately they got him into custody,” said Knight.

According to the police report, while in custody the suspect went from being “calm and sleepy to hallucinating and delusional.”

At one point the suspect believed that one of the arresting officers, five years younger than him, was his grandma.

“He was clearly under some kind of intoxicant or having some sort of issue going on,” said Knight.

In the end, the suspects two young girls who followed him into the house were taken into protective custody. Logan is now facing some serious charges of burglary and assaulting police.

The good news is no one got hurt in the break in.

Yeah, "the good news" is no one gut hurt. Are they sure about that? How about that cop not being the dude's grandma, or better yet, nobody dying? Those things a pretty awesome, too.

The loser in this story, besides the burglar, is the homeowner. She totally should have played along and tricked Danny Ocean Jr. into cleaning the house or mowing the lawn. That's what I would have done. I also would have grabbed a slice of the DiGiorno. You can't let it go to waste.

Anyway, here's the video of the story. The house looks surprisingly nice. If you want to see it, or the "I'm Disappointed In You" glare of Jesse Wells, give it a watch.

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