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Jaime Cerreta is leaving Channel 25…

Long live the lunges.

We have learned via the Ogle Mole Network that Fox 25 anchor Jaime Cerreta will be leaving OKC for a new market in August. Details of where she's going have not yet been released, although I think it may be somewhere on the West Coast. There's also no word on what her boyfriend Dave Morris thinks about all this. Let's hope Jaime takes him with her.

This move isn't all that surprising. Jaime nearly left OKC in 2008, but reconsidered after we convinced Andrew Speno to donate his salary to her. I guess we screwed up by not pressuring her new co-anchor Mike Brooks to do the same. Based on this pic we acquired last fall, it wouldn't have been a tough sell:

mike brooks jaime cerreta

Unlike when Mean Dueweke left OKC to terrorize the hard luck folks in Seattle, this move is kind of bitter-sweet. Jaime has been the anchor on Channel 25 longer than TLO's been a website. She was a staple in our annual rankings of the "20 Hottest Women in the OKC Media," enjoys the nightlife, and took all of our ogling in stride. Hell, I think she kind of enjoyed it. We wish her the best, and once again, hope she takes Dave Morris with her.

Few other thoughts:

• I'm already hearing some familiar names being tossed around as Jaime's replacement, including News 9 reporter Lisa Monahan, former Fox 25 anchor Britten Follett, and Cherokee Ballard, who I think has worked for every station in this market. The dark horse candidate is Miss Rocklahoma 2009.

• What is Dave Morris going to do? Seriously, let's hope he and his keyboards leave with Jaime. The last thing this town needs his Dave Morris roaming up and down Western looking for a rebound. I bet he's at Cafe Nova right now laying booby traps. Just to fuck with us, he'll probably stay behind and go after Emily Sutton.

• I earlier mentioned the "20 Hottest Women in the Oklahoma City Media." We are currently working on our 2013 list. If you have any nominations or suggestions, send us an email.

Here are some more pics of Jaime. We wish her the best.



jaime cerreta d





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