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This lady thinks Oklahoma City smells like steamed broccoli…

As I mentioned earlier, I'm done writing about weatherman and guys who allegedly took upskirt photos of teenagers for at least the rest of the day. Instead, lets talk about this video of some random lady who thinks Oklahoma City smells like steamed broccoli, which according to her, resembles the smell of a fart.

As of June 4th, 2013 at 12:14pm, the video has three views. It may go up:

I know I'm breaking one of my golden rules here, but does that lady even know what steamed broccoli smells like? I'd take her word for it if she said biscuits and gravy or chocolate cake, but not broccoli. That would be like Jim Traber complaining that Curtis Fitzpatrick smells like a salad bar. Also, she obviously didn't drive by Edmond. Otherwise, she's complain that Oklahoma smells like Kibbles n' Bits.

Apparently this women, her name is Julia, was taking a road trip to California to be an actor or something. At least that's what I think after watching some of other videos, including one where she complains about Oklahoma being flat.

Here's another one where she continues with the broccoli:

For what it's worth, she also thinks Arkansas smells like potatoes.

Anyway, we wish Julia the best of luck as she pursues fame and stardom in California. When she's a big time A-list Hollywood star, maybe she'll stop by Oklahoma for some broccoli.

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