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Join us at the Help Moore Benefit Concert this Saturday

Help Moore Benefit Show

That graphic pretty much sums it up.

This Saturday, we are presenting a special benefit concert at the 51st Street Speakeasy to help raise funds for our friends, family and neighbors in Moore. 100% of all door proceeds and 10% of all bar sales will be donated to the Central and Western Oklahoma Red Cross.

Additionally, we will have a charity raffle featuring items donated by local businesses. We're still working on the details, but here's a list of some of the places that have already committed to donating gift cards, goods or services. For a complete list, visit the Facebook event page later today:

• Samuel Gordon Jewelers ($750 Gift Certificate)
• The Wedge Pizza
• Picasso's Cafe
• Deep Fork Grill
• Savory Spice Shop
• Black Optical
• OKC Comedy

If your business would like to donate something, send us an email via the contact page. Unless you're that Nigerian Prince. If that's the case, leave us alone and go bother The Pioneer Woman.

Anyway, here's a little bit of info about all the bands who have graciously donated their time for this cause. It's quite a line up. I think it gave Ryan from Oklahoma Rock the vapours:

Colourmusic. These guys have been one of my favorite local bands for a while. They're so good that they have their own Vevo channel on YouTube. "Yes" has been a staple in my "Time to Wake Up!" playlist for several years.


Pretty Black Chains. What can you say. These guys are one of the most popular and talented bands in the metro. Kellen can sing, and the guy that looks like he can play the guitar can really fucking play the guitar. For what it's worth, their bassist looks like he was in Fuel or Live.

Also, I'm pretty sure this is their final performance in this current line-up. I can't wait to watch the VH1 Behind the Music about them in 20 years.


Josh Sallee. If you read this site often, you'll know that we're all big fans of Josh's music, rhymes and college aged groupies. Well, except for Chelsea. She hates those competitors. I mean groupies.


Sherree Chamberlain. Know what's better than a talented cute girl who can sing and play musical instruments? Well, lots of things. Winning the lottery, for one. Free pizza is good. Who would turn down courtside Thunder season tickets? But still, I'd definitely put talented cute girls who can sing and play musical instruments in the top 5% of nice things in life.


Anyway, I hope you can make it out on Saturday. If you want to share the word on Facebook, here's a link to an event page.

Thanks, and continue to keep all the victims of Sunday and Monday's storms in your thoughts and prayers.

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