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So, Chuck Woolery decided to talk about stupid Oklahoma laws…


Remember Chuck Woolery? He was the original host of Wheel of Fortune, Love Connection, and a bunch of other game shows you'd watch when you were home sick from school in the 1980s and 1990s. I even think he hosted that show Greed during the prime time game show craze of the early Aughts. I use the word "think" because I'm not sure if anyone actually watched it.

A couple of weeks ago Chuck recorded a 60-second YouTube clip where he rambled on about stupid Oklahoma laws. It's part of a syndicated radio and web series called "Save Us Chuck Woolery." Apparently Chuck left the fantasy world where he would give away cash and prizes and entered a very dark and real one where he gives away crazy political opinions.

Here's the clip:

Is anyone else upset that Chuck didn't close the clip with "We'll be back in two and two." What's the point in listening to anything Chuck Woolery says if he doesn't drop a "Two and Two" reference. That's as disappointing as Pat Sajak not hitting the $5,000 space before the speed up round in Wheel of Fortune. It's the only reason Chuck exists, right? At least he could count down $100 bills like he did in Scrabble.

Back to his clip, Chuck actually left several funny laws off his list. Conveniently, we wrote about 10 Strange Oklahoma Laws back in 2012. If you're bored, go check them out, or just feel old and watch these old Love Connection clips instead. We'll be back in two and two.

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