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The Tulsa Shock drafted a hottie!

skyler diggins

Last week the Tulsa Shock became a bit more interesting when they drafted Skylar Diggans from Notre Dame. Not only can the girl play and maybe help the Shock win 10 games for the first time, but she's also attractive. She kind of looks like Lala Vazquez, a forgotten Kardashian, or some Hollywood actress pretending to be a model playing basketball.

Here are four things you need to know about our the WNBA's sexiest basketball star. For fun (also called "to appease Patrick"), I included some gratuitous photos:

1. The girl can hoop. At least that's what the five minutes Google research I just did on the subject told me. Diggins started at Notre Dame the 2009-2010 season as a freshman and hit the over 1,000 point career mark before the end of her sophomore year. In the 2011 basketball final, the Fighting Irish lost to Texas A&M 76-70, but Skylar still managed to pull 23 points, 3 rebounds, 3 assists, and 4 steals. If you want to see the full list of awards and career stats for Skylar, you can click here to see the Wikipedia page I pretty much copied/pasted from.

Okay so sport technicalities have never been my talking point on TLO...or well, in life in general. My knowledge comes in the form of fashion trends, attractive men, Keynesian economics, reality television, string theory, and naturally, celebrity gossip. Which leads to the next fun fact:

2. Skylar Diggins is popular with the rapper crowd. Chris Brown, Waka Flocka Flame, Wale, the Odd Future kids, and a bunch of other rappers that I've never heard of before have all publicly professed their love for the baller, but of all of her celebrity admirers, Lil' Wayne is the most notable--and dedicated. Here's some pictures of Weezy cheering for Skylar on the sidelines and rapping while wearing her Notre Dame jersey.




There are three ways that a marginally famous person can edge their way on to Perez Hilton's radar: a) get arrested, b) get fat (or pregnant) then pose in a bikini after you've lost weight, or c) date a bad boy celebrity. Our Skylar's well on her way to the A-list.

3. She's popular on social media. Our girl Skylar touts 370,000 Twitter followers, which is pretty impressive considering the WNBA player with the second highest following (Candace Parker) falls by nearly 200k followers at 174,000. Brittney Griner clocks in at only 32,000! Skylar also has (and might be the only WNBA player with) dozens of Facebook and Instagram fan pages. Let's be honest, these are the real statistics I care about. You can follow here on Twitter here.

4. Those naked pictures, according to Skylar, are fake. I'm not even going post links because they're so easily searchable, but according to Skylar and Notre Dame, the pictures were Photoshopped by a jilted ex-lover. Sorry, pervs. 

Skylar's palpable sexiness is not something to look past though. As seen on Colorline, Swish Appeal, and several other blogs, Diggins' inherent beauty coupled with her social media presence, celebrity hype, and scoring potential positions her to drastically impact the image and excitement surrounding the Tulsa Shock--and possibly, the entire WNBA. Through interviews, Skylar has talked about plucking her eyebrows and painting her nails as a pre-game ritual, and when asked if she was bothered by her appearance getting more attention than her skills on the court, she replied, “I don’t care why they watch. I just want them to watch.” A girl after my own heart.

So, there you have it. Skylar Diggins is pretty much following the Kim Kardashian "How to Become Wildly Famous Overnight" model, but instead of being a boring and vain hot chick who dates rappers, Skylar comes across as lovely and talented hot chick who dates rappers. It'd be pretty cool if she started dating Kendrick Lamar or Drake, Tulsa could use some street cred aside from Leon Russell who's like one hundred years old and the Hansons who will always be fourteen. Also, maybe this means Lil' Wayne will make his way to Tulsa's BOK Center some time this year. I hear courtside seats for the Shock are a little less in demand.

Here's a few more gratuitous pictures I found:










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