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Apparently, the Barons have a former NHL 50 goal scorer and Internet meme on their roster…

3:05 PM EDT on April 22, 2013

Grand Rapids vs. Oklahoma City Barons. Cox Convention Center, Oklahoma City, OK. 2-8-13.

Grand Rapids vs. Oklahoma City Barons 2-8-13

If you're like me, the only thing you really know about the Oklahoma City Barons is that their fans sometimes take up valuable parking spots during Thunder games. That's a shame, because in addition to having attainable ice girls who probably hang out at Henry Hudsons, the Barons actually play a decent brand of hockey. I went to a few games last year and the players are fast, know how to skate, can handle a puck, and aren't a bunch of amateur goons that sell cars on the weekends. Basically, they are the total opposite of those semi-pro Oklahoma City Blazers squads of the 1990s and aughts. I think that's the biggest compliment you can give to a hockey team.

One example of the talent differential is the Barons Jonathan Cheechoo. Even though the dude is past his prime, he scored 50 goals during the 2005-2006 NHL regular season. You'd never see a player with those credentials in the old CHL. Scoring 50 goals in the NHL would be like a non-steroid era baseball player belting 40+ home runs in a season. It's not the rarest feat in the world, but still pretty significant. If you're not a sports fan and the baseball analogy made no sense, scoring 50 goals in a regular season would be like an OU frat boy legally hooking up with 10 hot girls in a calendar year. If you're not a chauvinist pig and that analogy made no sense, I have to ask what you're even doing on this website. Sports and inappropriate analogies are the only things we have going for us. Just ask our broads Marisa and Chelsea.

In addition to being a once prolific goal scorer, Cheechoo is also the focus of a hockey interent meme. Back when Cheechoo still played for the San Jose Sharks and his highlights would make SportsCenter, some strange hockey fan created "The Jonathan Cheechoo Song." The fan's wish was that the tune "be played evertime Jonathan Cheechoo scores." In 2009, Cheechoo was traded to Ottawa, so the fan made a new version of the song. When Cheechoo's career hit a low and he was sent around the minors, the fan recorded yet another version. And finally, after Jonathan Cheechoo was signed by the Barons earlier this season, this happened:

Okay. So the clip isn't that funny, is too Canadian, is a few months old, and is kind of sad when you think about it, but still, I think it's kind of cool that our minor league hockey team has an NHL 50-goal scorer and Internet meme on their roster. It sure beats anything Joe Burton or Alan Perry accomplished.

Also, the Barons made the AHL playoffs, so all this information is timely. If you're not broke like me and having to pay for your Thunder playoff tickets and 2013-2014 season tickets at the same time, I'd suggest you go to a game. While you're there, drink a beer and hit on an Ice Girl for me.

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