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Liz Dueweke has finally moved to Seattle…

Tony's on vacation this week, so it means I'm on Monday Morning Tweet duty. That explains why this post is going up so late in the morning.

Anyway, here are the tweets:

It took her long enough, but Mean Dueweke has finally moved to Seattle. We first reported the news back in February. Even though Liz is about as fun as a package of saltines, she was the hottest woman in the Oklahoma City media. I guess we'll miss that. At least we'll now get some new traffic from the Seattle area. Most of the visits will be from perverts searching "Liz Dueweke Nude," so they'll actually have a lot in common with most of our Oklahoma City readers.


Isn't it the job of a "Chief Meteorologist" to interpret computer models and then compile them into a weather forecast? If it is, can someone inform Damon Lane for us? Thanks.


Dammit, the baby owls flew away! I've been intending to write about them for awhile, but always put it off. I was kind of waiting for momma owl to show up with Lucy Sparkles in her talons or the kid with the webcam to give them a Tootsie Roll Pop, but neither happened. :(


A local man is shot and killed (as in he is no longer living), but watch the news tonight to find out why he was naked. Thanks, TV News.


Oh… God.. Abigail Ogle Really Is Going To Run This Town Someday, Isn’t She?

Let's see. She likes golf and gives it up to herself when a not so bold guess (a.k.a. "Golf Prediction") comes true. Is Abigail Ogle becoming the next Jim Traber? I guess we'll know for sure when she starts hanging out with Fat Jack.

Also, it cracks me up when people try to pick the winner of a golf tournament or NASCAR race. Like you really know who's going to win. It's basically  a "hunch" or educated guess. You know, kind of like how Damon Lane predicts the weather.


Awkward Conversations with Linda Cavanaugh

Since we started this feature a few months ago, Linda's awkward conversations with random people on the interent have become a little less common. In fact, that's the only one she had last week. I bet someone told her we were writing about them. Thanks for screwing that up for us.


The Dean Blevins Memorial Weekly Tweet From Dean Blevins

I don't know how Tony missed that one, but that's Dean Blevins hanging out with Cardboard Gary England. Yep, there's a Cardboard Gary England floating around the News 9 studios. We'll pay a promotions intern $20 if the nab it for us. Cardboard Jim needs a roommate.

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