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Ogle Madness VI: West Region, Sweet Sixteen

The Sweet 16 comes to a close today with match-ups from the West Region. One of the games involves Kevin Durant battling a missing kangaroo. That should have been the plot to Thunderstruck.

Here are the match ups!

(1) Kevin Durant vs. (12) Lucy Sparkles

(2) Kristin Chenoweth (3) Bibi Jones

A basketball player, a singing actress, a porn "star" and a dead kangaroo all walk into a bar. You figure out the rest.


Kevin Durant

(1) Kevin Durant

Conference: Oklahoma City Thunder Superstars

Who He Is: Forward for the OKC Thunder; One of the biggest names in the NBA.

Biggest Strengths: Is to basketball what The Lost Ogle is to Obscure Local Social Blogs.

Biggest Weaknesses: Thunderstruck is to movies as The Lost Ogle is to Ryan Tate’s ego.

Last Game: Defeated (8) The Thunder Girls 399-170


lucy sparkles

(12) Lucy Sparkles

Conference: Coyote Grub

Who It Is: Lost Kangaroo

Biggest Strengths: Hopping.

Biggest Weaknesses: Not hopping fast enough.

Last Game: Defeated (13) Vanity Perkins 340-225



(2) Kristin Chenoweth (3) Bibi Jones


(2) Kristin Chenoweth

Conference: Tiny Human Spitfires

Who She Is: Oklahoma native who sings, acts, dances and makes people feel weird at the Oscars.

Biggest Strengths: Has got Carrie Underwood’s pipes packed in to half the Underwood.

Biggest Weaknesses: Can’t get that thing off the fridge. Again. Why’d you put it up there if you know damn well you  can’t reach it?!

Last Game: Defeated (10) Dean Blevins 415-147



(3) Bibi Jones

Conference: On Again Off Again Pornstars

Who She Is: OKC born porn star born in a year you probably remember (1991)

Biggest Strengths: Can get your trailer hitch chrome free in no time. Golf ball stuck in your garden hose? She can handle that too.

Biggest Weaknesses: Modesty.

Last Game: Defeated (6) Tiffany Tatro 297-267



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