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Ogle Madness VI: First Round, Northeast Region (Upper Bracket)

7:00 AM EDT on March 18, 2013

Ogle Madness VI begins now. In case you missed it, here's the bracket:

Screen Shot 2013-03-11 at 1.10.04 PM

Ogle Madness 6 Bracket 

This is the most special time of the year because it allows me to write with liberal amounts of snark. Also, Patrick pays me in Lost Ogle trivia pens. If you don't think pens work as currency, you've never tried to buy a thing from a hobo. They love pens because they're more than just pens in Hoboworld. They're valuable multifaceted tools that serve as straws, joint holders, shivs, tracheotomy tubes, lady stabbin' sticks, and "permanent pencils." What was I buying from a hobo? Let's just say you should do yourself a favor and try to buy a "Magic Meat" sandwich for five pens. Totally worth it.

Here's your first group of match-ups for the day. They come from the top half of the Northeast Region. The lower half will be posted later today. See! Now you have something to look forward to!

(1) Gary England vs. (16) KFOR's Social Media Director

(8) Regular Jim Traber vs. (9) Christina Fallin 

(4) Scott Brooks vs. (13) Aubrey McClendon

(5) Blake Shelton vs. (12) Prague Valedictorian 

So spend your mornings stressing over this and vote accordingly. It's the least we'd do for you if you were in this competition.Better luck next year, Ryan Tate.


(1) Gary England vs. (16) KFOR's Social Media Director


(1) Gary England

Conference: Godlike Weather Predictors

Who he Is: Some say "God". By "some" I mean "all".

Biggest Strengths: Not having any weaknesses.

Biggest Weaknesses: See above.



(16) KFOR's Social Media Director 

Conference: Lucky Careers That Didn't Exist Five Years Ago

Who She Is: Another cute reporter at KFOR who also got engaged.

Biggest StrengthsHair.

Biggest Weakness: Referred to us as TLO in a company wide e-mail.



(8) Regular Jim Traber vs. (9) Christina Fallin

jim traber mazzios

(8) Regular Jim Traber

Conference: Raging Spouse Havers

Who He Is: Super angry host on Sports Animal; Mazzio's lover

Biggest Strengths: Parlayed screaming and yelling about things that don't matter into a job.

Biggest Weaknesses: Super bad at keeping his Twitter account private.


christina fallin oklahoma magazine2

(9) Christina Fallin

Conference: Marriage Addicted Offspring of Subpar Governors

Who they are: Daughter of this state's governor.

Biggest Strengths: Seems to find spouses galore.

Biggest Weaknesses: Can't seem to keep spouses.



(4) Scott Brooks vs. (13) Aubrey McClendon


(4) Scott Brooks

Conference: Thunder Coaches Who Look Like Soviet Hockey Coaches

Who they are: OKC Thunder Coach

Biggest Strengths: Coaches some of the greatest NBA players to have ever been in Thunderstruck.

Biggest Weaknesses: Derek Fisher.



(13) Aubrey McClendon

Conference: Scrooge McDuck Humans

Who they are: Former CEO of Chesapeake Energy

Biggest Strengths: Avoiding Federal Indictment

Biggest Weaknesses: Ethical business practices



(5) Blake Shelton vs. (12) Prague Valedictorian 


(5) Blake Shelton

Conference: Oklahoma Country Stars Not Named Garth, Reba, Toby or Carrie

Who they are: Country star; Judge on The Voice; Miranda Lambert Husband

Biggest Strengths: Has won two seasons of The Voice; Sang Okie commerical jingles

Biggest Weaknesses: Doesn't hide disdain for Adam Levine all that well.



(12) Prague Valedictorian

Conference: Awesome Teens Who Will Probably Change the World

Who they are: Teen who got in trouble for saying "hell".

Biggest Strengths: Pissed off this guy.

Biggest Weaknesses: Probably peaked in high school. Welcome to the club.


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