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Ogle Madness VI: First Round, Northeast Region (Lower Bracket)

Ogle Madness VI is just like cockfighting. The only difference is that liberal fat cats haven't made Ogle Madness VI illegal...yet! Cockfighting was legal in this state until about ten years ago. That's right. It was legal to make two unassuming, small brained, animals fight each other with tiny razors on their little cock hands, or whatever they're called. I know what they're called, I just wanted to type "cock-hands." They're called "chicken hooves." I was home schooled so I'm probably wrong.

Now that we can't have cockfights in this state anymore, you'll have to wield your strategic fight powers by voting in Ogle Madness VI. Who's up today in our Northeast Region Lower Bracket? Here's a look.

(6) "Jeeeffff. Corndog!" vs. (11) Constance Johnson

(3) Sweet Brown vs. (14) College Berry Tramel

(7) Wayne Coyne vs. (10) The Pioneer Woman

(2) Olivia Munn vs. (15) NE OKC Green Dragon

So strap your little razors to your pudgy little fingers and let's get to voting!

(6) "Jeeeffff. Corndog!" vs. (11) Constance Johnson

beauty and the corn dog

(6) "Jeeefff. Corndog!"

Conference: Pictures of Fairgoers In Their Natural Habitat

Who She Is: Winner of our 2012 Oklahoma State Fair Photo Contest

Biggest Strengths: That stage.

Biggest Weaknesses: Her cholesterol.



(11) Constance Johnson 

Conference: Super Cool Elected Officials (This Brings Oklahoma's Total to 3)

Who She Is: State Senator

Biggest Strengths: Being an elected official with a great sense of humor.

Biggest Weaknesses: Isn't part of a national political platform.



(3) Sweet Brown vs. (14) College Berry Tramel

sweet brown

(3) Sweet Brown 

Conference: Internet "Celebrities" Who Seem Nice

Who She Is: Sweet Brown is an OKC Resident who DOES NOT have time for Bronchitis.

Biggest Strengths: Loves Pop, Runs For Life

Biggest Weaknesses: Didn't Grab Shoes or Nothin', Jesus



(14) College Berry Tramel

Conference: People Who Can't Escape Their  Past

Who He Is: Sportswriter Who Probably Knew A Guy At Pizza Shuttle Who Had Stuff Back In The Day

Biggest Strengths: Keeping the same facial expression for over 30 years.

Biggest Weaknesses: Would make you listen to pirated Grateful Dead cassettes every single time you went to buy some.



(7) Wayne Coyne vs. (10) The Pioneer Woman

wayne coyne grenade

(7) Wayne Coyne 

Conference: Rock Star Hipster Kings

Who He Is: Lead Singer of Flaming Lips, Virgin Mobile Spokesperson

Biggest Strengths: Makes mind blowing music and puts on mind blowing concerts.

Biggest Weaknesses: Mind blowingly bad at determining appropriate travel buddy.



(10) The Pioneer Woman

Conference: Queen of Bored Housewife Mommy Bloggers

Who She Is: Woman with a blog full of things women like and her own Food Network cooking show.

Biggest Strengths: If Pinterest was a human, it would be her.

Biggest Weaknesses: See above.



(2) Olivia Munn vs. (15) NE OKC Green Dragon


(2) Olivia Munn

Conference: "Hot" girls from Oklahoma

Who She Is: Model, Actress, Spencer Hicks crush

Biggest Strengths: Is able to be super hot without anyone really being able to explain why.

Biggest Weaknesses: From what we understand, there's an issue involving hygiene.


green dragon

(15) NE OKC Dragon

Conference: Unoriginal things OPUBCO attempts to stay relevant.

What It Is: Subject of unoriginal Oklahoman ad that went viral awhile back.

Biggest Strengths: Getting attention.

Biggest Weaknesses: Originality.


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