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Ogle Madness VI: Play-In Games 3 & 4

This is a good primer for next week's official Ogle Madness start. It's always fun to pit people (and things) against each other in a battle and see who the true winner is. Last year it was Emily Sutton. The two years prior it was the star of Thunderstruck. All these things happened PSB (Pre-Sweet Brown), so you never know what can happen. Either way, you're contributing to something that matters. And if that's not enough validation for you, than I have made a huge mistake with my life.

Here's your after the jump matches.

Play in Game 3: City of Beaver vs. City of Hooker

Pay in Game 4: Ryan Tate vs. The Governor's Mansion Hot Tub 

So make the jump and start voting. This is like voting for Pope only without the crazy hats and robes. And Italians.

Play in Game 3: City of Beaver vs. City of Hooker



City of Beaver

Conference: Cities Named by Well Meaning Fur Traders

What It Is: A town named by people with no concept of innuendo.

Biggest Strength: Has a town name reminiscent of every semi-dirty hipster shirt at The Plaza.

Biggest Weakness: Any joke about “maintaining” the city will get you thrown in jail.



City of Hooker

Conference: Towns I thought were located on 29th and Robinson

What It Is: A town not full of what you'd think. They should have named it “Middle Aged Crying Carhop”.

Biggest Strength: The town's official motto is awesome. “It's a location, not a vocation.”

Biggest Weakness: A location, not a vocation.



Ryan Tate vs. The Governor Mansion's Pool 



Ryan Tate 

Conference: Napoleonic Peddler of Strange Books

Who He Is: An angry bald elf who berates people.

Biggest Strength: Trust fund

Biggest Weakness: Honesty. Integrity. Hair growing.


oklahoma governors mansion pool

The Governor's Mansion Hot Tub

Conference: Things the governor has been in.

What It Is: A gubernatorial cauldron of patriotic warmth we all help keep heated at 104 degrees.

Biggest Strengths: Is warm and seats four to six hipsters comfortably.

Biggest Weakness: Has a lot in common with the governor.


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