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Ogle Influence Alert: OPUBCO made the world’s worst Harlem Shake video

Back on February 19th, we counted down the Top 10 Oklahoma "Harlem Shake" videos on the Internet. Here's what we had to say:

The Harlem Shake meme has infiltrated Oklahoma like it has every other part of the country. The Shake was pretty cool and funny at first, but now I can’t stand the thing. It’s flamed out quicker than the second season of Homeland. Everyone is making a Harlem Shake video and most of them are terrible. To give you an idea of how bad and over-exposed this thing has become, we’ve heard rumors that the Oklahoman plans on making one. That’s like the Today show doing it, only worse, although it will be interesting to see what moves Steve Lackmeyer will drop.

Well, the Ogle Influence – our unique ability to unknowingly predict or forecast future events – has turned its ugly head. Always late to the party, some OPUBCO employees finally got around to making a Harlem Shake video. It's terrible:

That was disappointing. I expected better. The only funny part was how they stuffed Boomer Tramel in the red bag and had someone hit him in the head with an inflatable green dildo. At least I think that was Boomer Tramel. I have no clue, but have fun getting that visual out of your head for the rest of your life.

Also, how can you make a Harlem Shake video at OPUBCO and not put Jenni Carlson in a bridesmaid gown or get Steve Lackmeyer to do the centipede. At least give us Nolan Clay and make him act awkward like he does in those weird Oklahoman commercials they show during Thunder games. That seems like it would be a requirement.

The folks at OPUBCO aren't the only people making Harlem Shake videos four weeks too late (what a hipster thing to say, huh). The OU football team released one a few days ago:

Okay, that video sucked and should be shown on a continuos loop at The Boom, but it's still about 20 times better than OPUBCO's attempt.

Hopefully this is the last time we mention the Harlem Shake on TLO, but I have a feeling it's not. The Governor's Mansion has that big Oklahoma shaped pool. I can see something being made there. Plus, Wayne Coyne hasn't produced a video yet. That guy's obsessed with furries. At least his Harlem Shake attempt will probably show female nudity.

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