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Ogle Madness VI: Play-In Game 1 & 2

Hi, I'm Joel. I'm going to be your official Ogle Madness VI Guide and Emcee. This is the second year I've done this. What a cool guy I am.

Before we get started, this is the Ogle Madness VI bracket. If you haven't done so, download it, print it, and study it. Then send your pick to win it all to If you pick the champion, you'll be entered into a drawing to win a $250 feast at Picasso Cafe in Paseo for you and your friends.

These are the first two play-in games. The winners of these games will be placed in 64 team or person Ogle Madness field:

Game One: Joleen Chaney's Fiance vs. KFOR's Social Director 
(winner plays Gary England on Monday)

Game Two: Ten Commandments Monument Engraver vs. 2012 Christmas "Blizzard"
(winner plays Carrie Underwood on Tuesday)

We'll have the other two play-in games posted tomorrow. The polls for these match-ups are open for 48-hours. Go Vote:

Play-in Game One: Joleen Chaney's Fiance vs. KFOR's Social Director


joleen chaneys boyfriend 1

Joleen Chaney's Fiance

Conference: The Out Of His League Conference

Who He Is: The man who made us realize we all probably had a shot.

Biggest Strengths: Is Joleen Chaney's fiance

Biggest Weakness: Uses the word “brah” as a verb. “Brah, brah on over and we can brah some brewskies. Brah.”



KFOR's Social Media Director 

Conference: Lucky Careers That Didn't Exist Five Years Ago

Who She Is: Another cute reporter at KFOR who also got engaged.

Biggest Strengths: Hair.

Biggest Weakness: Referred to us as TLO in a company wide e-mail.



Play-in Game 2: 10 Commandments Monument Engraver vs. 2012 Christmas "Blizzard"



10 Commandments Monument Engraver

Conference: People who should write for The Lost Ogle

Who He/She Is: Poor speller whose sole purpose is to not be a poor speller.

Biggest Strength: Finagled $10k out of someone to put marks on a rock.

Biggest Weakness: Not having spellcheck.



2012 Christmas “Blizzard”

Conference: Non-existent white thing that disappointed many white things.

What It Is: An apocalyptic orgy of ice and snow that never materialized.

Biggest Strength: Getting people to cancel holiday plans with loved ones.

Biggest Weakness: Left us with a surplus of bread and milk.


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