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Kate Upton and Daniel Tosh filmed something in Fort Cobb, Oklahoma?


I'm not proud of it, but I occasionally use Wikipedia to research questions for the free team trivia nights we host around town. Sure, Wikipedia isn't always reliable and can be edited by just about anyone, but for the most part it's pretty accurate and a good tool. The only catch is that you need to be aware that some of its content is sketchy. Basically, you need to own a good bullshit detector. I use the one someone stole from Gan Matthews before he left Channel 9.

So why am I telling you that?

Yesterday, I was working on trivia and thought it would be fun to ask a question about Kate Upton. You know, something related to the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue or her perfect breasts or something like that. I went to her Wikipedia page to look up any trivial facts or information and stumbled across this nugget from her career section:

Upton made an appearance in a June 2011 episode of Tosh.0, filmed in Fort Cobb, Oklahoma, participating in a segment called "Knife or Banana", emulating a Japanese game show in which she is stabbed with a banana.

That turned my bullshit detector on red alert. There's no way his pair could have filmed a sketch in Oklahoma without us knowing about it. That would have sent the Ogle Mole network into a panic.

Despite my skepticism, I decided to do a little research. First I watched the "Knife or Banana" clip.

Here it is:


In all honesty, that should have sealed the deal. I don't think Fort Cobb has green screen technology. There's no way that video was shot in Oklahoma.

Regardless, I performed some Google searches to see if anything turned up. Nothing did. The only results that tied Kate Upton and the once funny Daniel Tosh to Oklahoma were websites ripping off the Wikipedia entry. I guess it was just a hoax.


Wouldn't it be kind of fun to try and turn this into an Oklahoma Internet meme where people go around and add "Filmed in Fort Cobb, Oklahoma" to random celebrity Wikipedia pages? For example, I just made changes to the pages for:


Christina Hendricks

Hendricks began acting in children's musical theater productions in Twin Falls. She was a model from the ages of 18 to 27. She made a number of guest television appearances, starting as a regular in the series Beggars and Choosers. Since then, she has starred in the series The Big Time and The Court, opposite Sally Field and Craig Bierko, as well as the legal drama Kevin Hill, which was filmed in filmed in Fort Cobb, Oklahoma.



Verne Troyer

On June 25, 2008, a private home videotape was released which showed Troyer and his former live-in girlfriend Ranae Shrider having sex. The video, which had been filmed in filmed in Fort Cobb, Oklahoma, Shrider's home town, and during the Easter Weekend of 2008 at Raffles L’Ermitage hotel ,[4] was leaked to the public by Shrider to TMZ.


Okay, so maybe that's not the best idea I ever had, but it kept me busy for a few minutes. I guess if you add "Filmed in Fort Cobb" (or "Filmed in Beaver") to any celebrity Wikipedia page, send us the link. If you do and we post it, we'll give you a FREE one of these:

tlo pens

Yes, a free TLO ink pen, which reminds me, I need to mail those pens to the people who won our caption contests. Oops.

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