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The News 9 weather team was also disappointed in their weather forecast…

I posted the following graphic on Facebook and Twitter a few times on Sunday and Monday. It shows the snowfall total predictions made by each OKC TV affiliate on Sunday night at about 6:00pm.

okc snowfall predictions

As you can see, our weatherman once again missed the mark on a much-hyped winter storm. Woodward received 15-inches of snow, while parts of the Oklahoma City Metro— where I'd guess 90% of their viewing audience lives —barely received a dusting. And yes, that sentence just made Steve Shaw giggle.

If you are extremely disappointed or upset with the winter weather forecasting incompetence of our local weather folks, don't worry, you should be. You probably changed plans or made a big batch of chili like I did in preparation for the weather, so you have a right to be upset. But when you gripe, complain and make jokes at the office today, don't forget how pathetic and lonely our AMS certified weather folks must feel. Their job is to accurately predict and forecast the weather and they failed miserably. The over-hype and coverage of this event has to be embarrassing. They must feel pathetic and terrible, right?

Well, that's exactly why Gary England and his weather team made the following video:

If I was writing lazy ad copy for a magazine or commercial about that vid, I'd say "And that video's just another reason why people chose to watch Gary England." I'd write that because not only am I lazy, but because it's the truth. Gary England has this ability to predict the weather and not take himself too seriously while doing it. Unless, of course, a tornado is going to kill you. Then he turns into a bad ass.

Plus, Lord Gary tweets stuff like this on the Sunday night before the storm:

And that's just another reason why people chose to watch the weather with Gary England. Seriously, why do we watch anyone else? It's like Gary England is Kate Upton and all the other weatherman are Twin Peaks waitresses. There's no comparison.

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