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Oklahoma City is the third best city in the country for pet lovers…

lucy sparkles

The real estate website recently released its ranking of the Top 10 American cities for pet lovers. Oklahoma City made the list. Here's the Top 10:

10. Dallas, TX

9. Charlotte, NC

8. Milwaukee, WI

7. Louisville, KY

6. Phoenix, AZ

5. Austin, TX

4. San Diego, CA

3. Oklahoma City, OK

2. El Paso, TX

1. Jacksonville, FL

Although it's kind of embarrassing to be beaten by El Paso at anything, I guess it's cool that we made the top 10. That being said, I think we got robbed. Check out the data Movoto used to compile the rankings:

    • Park Space
    • Pet Services
    • Number of Veterinarians

Uhm, where's the "local media response to missing pets" category? If they used that criteria, we would have been ranked number one for sure. Seriously, they don't care if it's a dog, cat or kangaroo. If your pet goes missing in Oklahoma City, all it takes is a couple of phone calls to the Oklahoman, News 9 or KFOR and it will be in the news.

On that note, here couple of updates on famous missing pets from Oklahoma City:

Maddox the Missing Miniature Pincher has not been found. The dog hasn't been seen since Christmas. This hasn't prevented Maddox's delirious owner from leasing billboards just last week:

maddox min pin

Can someone with a Master's degree in reality please stage an intervention for Maddox's owner? The dog's been missing for two months. It's time for the owner to give up, watch All Dogs Go to Heaven, and find a new pet to love.

• There was a reported sighting of Lucy Sparkles in Norman earlier this month. In case you forgot, Lucy is the missing kangaroo from Shawnee. From the Bring Lucy Sparkles Home Facebook Page:

Tonight's call seems far away, but she has been gone for quite a while now so it isn't out of the question. If you live in Norman, near the intersection of 12th Ave NW and Rock Creek Road please keep your eye out. A woman believes she saw her. She saw an animal hopping across the road turned around, went back and found it again. Watched it in her lights for a few mins. She said it stood up on it's hind legs looking at her. She saw it's deer like head and ears and its small, short front legs tucked up against it's chest. Then it hopped away and she saw a 2 ft long tail. She couldn't keep her lights on it bc it got too far away in a field.

She knew immediately it was a kangaroo but thought maybe one got loose from Little River Zoo but then decided to check to see if we had found Lucy. I can't get ahold of Little River to see if they are missing one. I will continue to try to do that.

She said it was heading N on the E side of 12th Ave NW, on the W side of Forest Lumber.

I bet Lucy stole some lumber and built a fort in the woods. If I was a kangaroo lost in Oklahoma, that's what I would do.

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