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According to these videos, Emily Sutton had fun at Single in the City

10:49 AM EST on February 25, 2013

emily ustton singleinthecity

That's a pic of local broadcasting legend (kidding) Brent Skarky talking to Emily Sutton at Saturday night's "Single in the City" auction. Why would Brent Skarky be allowed in the same room as Emily, much less granted time to have a conversation with her on a stage??? Well, the people at Oklahoma Magazine picked Brent to emcee the auction. That's right, they went with the Skarkster. Apparently their first choice, Driver from the Sports Animal, called in sick at the last second.

Anyway, I didn't make this year's auction, but an Ogle Mole in attendance provided me with some grainy, poorly lit videos of Emily on the auction block. I think you can say she had a good time. Here are the videos.

In the first clip, Emily talked about why she got into weather. She also told some storm chasing stories:


Emily decided to sing in the the second video. This isn't surprising. Emily does seems like the type of girl who will randomly burst into song at any moment.


The third clip was the best. Emily was being auctioned and decided to show off some of her favorite dance moves. She'd fit in great at a bachelor or bachelorette party:

Wow, Emily's even adorable when dancing like a drunk girl at a club. She could make the Elaine look charming and sweet.

Anyway, the real story in all of this is that Emily Sutton was auctioned for only $700 dollars. That's the steal of the century. Wouldn't it have been an awesome thing to split with five or six of your buddies?

"Hey, what are all you all doing tonight?"

"Going on a date with Emily Sutton!"

"Awesome. Where are you going?"

"Not sure, we're just going to try to get her drunk!"

Okay, so maybe it would have been awkward, but at least the money would have gone to a good cause.

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