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Sweet Brown is going to star in a Tyler Perry Movie…

9:03 AM EST on February 22, 2013

Here's the very first Sweet Brown video posted to YouTube. It was uploaded on Saturday, April 7th, 2012, the same day Sweet Brown's apartment complex was hit with a fire.

By the following morning, an email of the clip had already appeared in the Ogle inbox. I think I was watching "Meet the Press" (does that make me look smart or dumb?) and viewed the clip from my phone during a commercial break. Off the bat, I knew it was going to go viral. I made a note to write about it, and did so on Monday afternoon. At the time I hit the publish button, the Lucas Ross video I embedded had about 10,000 views. As of today, it's up to 12,000,000.

Here's what I wrote:

Ms. Sweet Brown may be the OKC version of Antoine Dodson

Oklahoma has had it’s fair share of viral video stars. Off the top off my head, we’ve had Mike Gundy tell us he’s a man and he’s 40, Elyse Downs make it snow and Greyson Chance become an overnight pop sensation after singing a Lady Gaga song. Hell, even the original Thriller wedding dance couple is from the Sooner state.

Now there’s another Oklahoman threatening to take YouTube by storm. Her name is Sweet Brown, and what started as just a typical morning in search of a cold pop turned into a large ordeal for the Oklahoma City woman.

I guess I owe Sweet Brown an apology. At last check, Antoine Dodson has never been offered a starring role in a one of those terrible Tyler Perry "Madea" movies. From something called Funky Dineva via Bossip:

Lord Jesus its a fire. Sweet Brown is blowing all the way. Yes Gawd Sweet. Her hair is about to be layed like Hollywood. Tyler Perry has reached out to Sweet Brown and wants her to star in his upcoming big screen adaption of the play ‘A Madea Christmas’. Catch these T’s

There hasn’t been any details given about herrole in the movie, but surely she’s pinching herself after being asked to appear in the film. According to the report, the movie centers around a visit to the country after Madea is enlisted to help her friend pay her daughter a surprise visit that uncovers secrets.

Translation: Sweet Brown is going to allegedly star in Tyler Perry presents "A Madea Christmas."  That's just unbelievable. I think everyone knew the video would go viral, but no one could have predicted it would turn Sweet Brown into a commercial spokesperson, media darling and actress. Before you know it, NASA's going to make her an astronaut and send her to space.

Even though Tyler Perry movies are terrible, I'm happy for Sweet Brown. Outside of Greyson Chance, she's Oklahoma's most popular and successful viral video star. That's kind of crazy when you think about it. Not only are Sweet Brown and Greyson You Tube phenoms, but they were able to transform their overnight success into legitimate careers. That never happens! You're more likely to die of bronchitis in an apartment fire than see two people from the same town do something like that ever again.

Anyway, congratulations Sweet Brown. When you become a Hollywood star, don't forget about the little people back in Oklahoma City. Aint nobody got time for that!*

*Sorry. Had to.

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