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This OKC American Idol reject is desperately trying to extend her 15 minutes…

Granted, I'm not prepubescent girl or post menopausal woman, but I don't get American Idol. I watched a couple of seasons back in the dark ages when I was married — or three if you count Rock Star: INXS — and all were torture. I don't see the joy or pleasure in watching scores of untalented hacks attempt to sing or dance.

Anyway, one of the "highlights" of the American Idol auditions in OKC  was ventriloquist Hailie Hilburn and her puppet Oscar. In case you missed it, and let's hope you did, here's the clip:

We have some sad and non-shocking news. Hailie and her bizarre outfit didn't make it past the first round of the Hollywood auditions.

We also have some sadder news. Hailie and her puppet Oscar are trying to get on America's Got Talent. Here's Oscar's new rap video "I'm OzCar."

If I didn't grow up watching Sesame Street and the Muppets that would be totally cool and original. My only complaint is the video was about two minutes and forty seconds too long.

Actually, the most interesting thing about the clip is that is was uploaded by Hailie's alma mater, Oklahoma Christian University. Here's the description:

OzCar crashed and burned in the first round of American Idol. Help OzCar the rapping puppet get on America's Got Talent this summer, because this #puppetsgottalent.

OzCar started out as part of a performance by Oklahoma Christian alumna and American Idol hopeful Halie Hilburn. This is OzCar the puppet's debut single, "I'm OzCar." Share this video so OzCar can get a second chance on America's Got Talent this May.

OzCar's rap video was shot in his hometown of Oklahoma City and features his favorite sports team, the Oklahoma City Thunder. Tell us what should be featured in OzCar's next video.

Uhm, I'd like to see OzCar's give a farewell rap in his next video. That's my suggestion.

Anyway, say what you want about Oklahoma Christian University, but the people in their career services department take their job seriously. It's been five years since Hailie graduated and they're still trying to get her and her puppet a job. If they'll do that for an aspiring ventriloquist looking to extend 15-minutes of fame, imagine what they'll do if you're pursuing a legitimate career.


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