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10 Best Oklahoma Harlem Shake Videos on the Internet

Since you're currently reading a weblog on the Internet, I'm going to say there's a 99% chance that you're familiar with the Harlem Shake. If you're part of the 1% who isn't, there's a good chance you're either my Mom, Dad or Uncle Bob. If so, how are you all doing? We need to have dinner at Ingrid's again very soon.

Anyway, the Harlem Shake meme (Mom, Dad and Uncle Bob, click that link and it will explain the thing) has infiltrated Oklahoma like it has every other part of the country. The Shake was pretty cool and funny at first, but now I can't stand the thing. It's flamed out quicker than the second season of Homeland. Everyone is making a Harlem Shake video and most of them are terrible. To give you an idea of how bad and over-exposed this thing has become, we've heard rumors that the Oklahoman plans on making one. That's like the Today show doing it, only worse, although it will be interesting to see what moves Steve Lackmeyer will drop.

All that being said, there's still something addictive about the clips. That's why I went through and found 10 Oklahoma Harlem Shake videos that you need to see. They're not necessarily the best, as the headline states, because I don't really know what a "best" Harlem Shake video would be.

Here we go:

10. Harlem Shake: Broken Arrow Tiger Edition

This one is actually funny. I think the teacher kind of steals the show, although he's rivaled by the kid having improper relations with the umbrella.


9. Harlem Shake (Tulsa Furries Version)

This one isn't great, but I think there's an Internet rule that you have to publish anything that has to do with Tulsa Furries.

There are two guys not in a furry costume. One is playing with a light saber. The other is violating a stuffed flamingo. And they're in a room full of Furries. Wayne Coyne just got an erection.


8. Harlem Shake (Hookah Lounge Edition)

If you need proof that this meme has run its course, watch this clip:

Is that a hookah bar or the City Walk hip-hop club on a Wednesday night? They should rename that one the Harlem Milk Shake.


7. Altus oklahoma harlem shake

Yes, you read that correctly. The Harlem Shake has reached our friends down in Altus. How bad could it be? Here's your answer:

Although they now have the Harlem Shake, apparently they don't have Windows Live or basic video editing software. They were probably listening to the Shake on a CD.


6. Oklahoma Peak Performance Harlem Shake

Want to see a girl with a big ass shake her ass? Here you go:


5. ALPHA CHI HARLEM SHAKE - Oklahoma City University

Sorority girls doing the Harlem Shake?!? Totally awesome, right? No, not really.

Wow, even I felt uncomfortable at the beginning of that. I started to think I was never going to get a date, either. Fortunately they (and the energetic girl on left) saved it at the end. It was like the Walk of Shame of the Harlem Shake.


4. Harlem Shake v.6669 (Oklahoma Edition) **ORIGINAL**

I think a stripper pole should be required in every future Harlem Shake video.

By the way, that video was made by the people who made this video:

They are good at making videos.


3. "OKC Ice Ladies" Harlem Shake

This one is kind of weak, but at least it has cute girls in it.

I'll admit it. After watching this video, I went to the Baron's website to see if these chicks were the Ice Girls. I couldn't tell, but count me in as a loyal Baron's Ice Girls supporters. They kind of remind me of the occasional cute girl you'll see it dive or sports bar, whereas Thunder girls are like the annoying high-maintenance chicks you'd see walking into a club in Bricktown. Plus, they're not prudes.


2. Oklahoma's LGBT College Summit Harlem Shake

Hey, it's LGBT'ers. This one has to be good!

I'm L, G, B or T, but on behalf of the entire gay community and Curtis Fitzpatrick, let me apologize for that video. Seriously, that's the best they could do? They must have been tired from pushing their gay agenda on Sally Kern.


1. Oklahoma Wrestling Harlem Shake

Uhm, maybe the LGBT folks uploaded the wrong video.


Anyway, there are a ton of Oklahoma Harlem Shake videos on the internet. Google them if you want. Please don't post any in the comments. Pretty Please?

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