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Some couple got married inside a Taco Bueno…

11:26 AM EST on February 4, 2013

Today is the day after the Super Bowl. That means I'm groggy, depressed and don't feel like writing very much. This is because:

A. I went to a little Super Bowl party and chugged some Miller Lights. Nothing will make you more groggy and depressed than drinking Miller Light, especially when you don't even get a buzz.

B. Football is my favorite sport and we've now entered a six month nuclear football winter. This period runs from approximately the day after the Super Bowl to the start of Hard Knocks on HBO. It just sucks. Fortunately, we'll have a Thunder playoff run, Game of Thrones, and the final eight episodes of Breaking Bad to help get us through it. And don't forget about men's college basketball, or as I now call it, the WNBA.

Anyway, to keep with the mood of today, I thought I'd share with you a depressing YouTube clip. Some couple was married inside a Sand Springs Taco Bueno. Here's the video:

So you're getting hitched inside a Taco Bueno and you don't decorate the table with some of the corn shell bean bowls from the Mexi-Dip n Chips??? Seriously, not even a few salsas? That's about as stupid as actually getting married inside a Taco Bueno. If you're going to do something silly or "ironic" like that, at least have fun with it. You know, like replace the ring with a Muchaco.

Then again, perhaps the couple wasn't trying to be silly and "ironic." Maybe Taco Bueno is special to them. After watching the clip a few times, I think that may be the case. They look a little too uncomfortable for this to be some silly stunt. I'll bet you five Party Burritos that the couple either met at Bueno or went there on their first Plenty of Fish Date. It has to be one of the two.

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