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Some couple is having a wedding shower at a library

One of my ex-girlfriends was a librarian. Back when we were together, she'd always talk about how there were a bunch of cool things to do at the library. She'd also constantly complain about how I'd never write about her on this website. Hahaha! I'm writing about you now...only as a segue to a story about an Oklahoma City couple who's having a bridal shower at the library. Take that!

Via News 9:

Some OKC Residents 'Hot And Bothered' Over Planned Fetish Party

A party hosted by a group claiming to be "open to every sexual fetish" has some people outraged because of where it's scheduled to take place: a public library.

The social networking website Tabu is hosting the event called the "A Littles' Valentines Day Party" at the Southwest OKC pu

blic library on Feb. 10.

"We have no problem with them. We are not the thought police," says Gary Kramer with the Pioneer Library System.

Kramer says as long as the group obeys the rules, Pioneer can't tell them no.

The invite says craft supplies will be available to make Valentines Day cards and says the dress code is "public appropriate." However, the organizer encourages, "little wear" for those who may enjoy "age play," dressing up as a baby, juvenile or toddler.

The room where the party is scheduled to take place has glass walls. Those using the library can easily look inside. That includes the room next door, which is scheduled to have a wedding shower going on at the same time.

Uhm, who seriously has a wedding shower at the library? Are they going with a Dewey Decimal System theme? The couple might as well put "Please get us a shitty gift" on the invite. They're probably registered at Big Lots. At least there will be a fetish group Valentine's party to keep the guests entertained.

Yeah, I may have buried the lead there, but who really cares if there's a fetish party at the library? Are they really going to show up with whips, tickle feathers and those red balls from Pulp Fiction stuffed in their mouths? Probably not, but if they do, send us some pictures. I want to see the reaction on the face of the bride and groom.

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