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Uh oh, the Oklahoma City Chamber has made a new “Relocation” video…

10:08 AM EST on January 28, 2013

The Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce aired its 2013 relocation video during last week's "State of the City" event. It's the video that's supposed to convince "job creators" to move to Oklahoma City. The video is a stock photographers wet dream, but as far as cheesy chamber of commerce videos go, it's actually not that bad. Hell, I kind of like the thing.

Check it out:

In case you're the CEO of a large national corporation that's looking to relocate to OKC and stumbled across this blog while doing a cursory Internet search, let me say that everything you saw in that video is 100% accurate. Most Oklahoma City residents are white, we really like the Thunder, and we all have an eerie infatuation with tall buildings, fine dining and the performing arts. We also enjoy rowing... or at least the people who fund promotional videos for the Chamber of Commerce enjoy rowing.

Plus, 90% of our females look like the girl in the pink dress from the 4:27 mark:

pink dress chamber video

Okay, I'm kidding about some of that. We're not all white and everyone loves rowing, so move your business to Oklahoma City! We're number one in a lot of things and there's literally no traffic. The lack of traffic may be the best reason to relocate there. It only takes about 20-minutes max to get anywhere in town. The chamber didn't really focus too heavy on that aspect of OKC because we have a world-class rowing facility, one tall building and (in case you didn't know it) an NBA team, but it's the truth.

Also, totally disregard any and all other videos that were produced by the Oklahoma City Chamber. You may have seen them. They feature some chubby bald guy harassing innocent people as they walks the streets of Downtown. He looks like the son of the Six Flags guy after going on a corn dog binge. I think they were uploaded to YouTube by accident. They're supposed to be humorous, but they're about as funny as watching a video of the Pioneer Woman pooping. They belong in the Bad Idea Hall of Fame. I wouldn't recommend you watch them, but here they are if you care:

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