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Channel 9 got their Bobs confused…

Back when TV chopper pilot Jim Gardner made the jump from Channel 4 to Channel 9, there was a rumor that he was taking the lucrative Bob Moore helicopter sponsorship with him. That never materialized. Instead, Channel 9 went the route of a different Robert and inked Bob Mills Furniture to a long-term chopper sponsorship. So now whenever Jim Gardner rescues a deer from a frozen pond, follows a police chase through Jones, or surveys death and destruction following a catastrophic multi-vortex maxi-wedge grinder, you'll be reminded of love seats, the Pillow Bar and that moderately attractive chiropractor from the Sleep Spa Studio.

Well, apparently some intern at Channel 9 didn't get that memo. Check out this crudely taken photo that a Mole sent us from a recent News 9 broadcast:

bob moore jim gardner

Hmmn, something tells me "The Working Man's Friend" isn't going to be happy with that. He'll be more upset than that time in 2004 when he accidentally shrunk all his sweaters in the dryer.

Anyway, on the topic of Jim Gardner and crudely taken photographs, take a look at this post that Jim Gardner left on his Facebook page when he learned that Mary Ann Eckstein was out as the news director at Channel 4. It's amusing:

jim gardner facebook post


That's pretty funny. I think it goes to show how revered Mary Ann was with some of her old (and current) employees. Whenever Channel 4 wises up and hires me as the news director, I guarantee that I'll be popular and adored by all employees. Well, except for Ashton Edwards and Emily Sutton. They'll still probably hate me, but I'll buy them a drink and turn on what ladies call the "Pat Charm" and smooth things over. It's worked at bars since 1999.

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